Month: May 2021

A Group Tour Operator’s Guide to the LBK

A Group Tour Operator’s Guide to the LBK By: Tory Mitchell Welcome, to Lubbock, Texas – home of Buddy Holly and the Crickets, the largest windmill museum in the world, the one and only Prairie Dog Town, and where West Texas hospitality still reigns king. Here, your groups will be welcomed with open arms and

The Ultimate Lake Guide in Lubbock

Sun’s up, and there is no better day spent than one at the lake! For you outdoor enthusiasts, we’ve put together a list of all the ways to spend those sunny “Hub City” days, be it a sunny afternoon or an entire weekend at the lake.  A Quick DipIf you only have a few hours

Lubbock’s Top 10 Vegetarian Must-Tries

By: Madison Regis White My name is Madi (@madiwhite), I live in Lubbock, Texas, and I have a vegetarian diet. I chose to go meatless for many reasons! First, it has helped me live a healthier lifestyle, eat cleaner and I have learned to get super creative with my meals. Second, I have realized that

The Raiderland Experience Guide to Lubbock

Welcome to Lubbock, Texas! Home to the Texas Tech Red Raiders, the iconic rock ‘n roll legend Buddy Holly, and the first Cultural District in the Lone Star State, the “Hub City” is proudly known to be a top college town with a thriving social scene. Lubbock boasts plenty to do and see both on

Lubbock Through the Lens of a Local: Ayo Olajimi

Hey! I’m Ayo Olajimi. I’m the owner and Senior Director of the multi-media brand “Ayomedia”. I specialize in Commercial, Promo, and Narrative film work. I’ve made somewhat of a name for myself here in Lubbock shooting various music videos, commercials and weddings. People also know me for my work with my collective, Elevæted in Dallas.

5 Unique Meeting Spaces for Your Next Event in Lubbock

When it comes to finding a stellar location for a meeting or event, planners have a variety of factors to consider. With world-renowned museums, award-winning wineries and breweries, short commute time, a thriving Cultural District and more, the 806 offers meeting planners the ability to host a successful meeting any time of the year. Looking

5 Ways to Order a Chilton

Indulge your taste buds and sip Lubbock’s famous cocktail in five different ways. While we are partial to the original, a few local favorite restaurants put their unique twist on the tried and true recipe – taking it to a new level. You’re sure to find the local version you favor but we recommend sampling

Taco Tuesday: 5 Must-Try Tacos in the LBK

By: Camille Hughes Every day is taco Tuesday in the LBK! Lubbock has a wide range of local favorites that will keep you coming back for more, and we are on the hunt for the best tacos in town. Take a look at our list of delicious options that are packed with mouthwatering flavor and

5 Can’t-Miss “Hub City” Traditions

The impetus for community rapor begins when citizens work toward a common goal, celebrate a similar interest and connect through related experiences. In Lubbock, Texas, it’s not hard to find opportunities to foster relationships built on this solid foundation. Around every corner and down each red brick street, tradition and legacy fuel the West Texas

The Power of Travel

It’s been just over one year since the Coronavirus pandemic shut down the globe. As Lubbock continues to open, we look back to the resilience of the community and focus our sights on a future that remains open for business. Not only was our ability to travel limited, but the local hotels, restaurants and attractions