Month: August 2019

With a Renovated Athletic Complex, Lubbock Kicks It into High Gear

By: Mary Helen Sprecher of Sports Destination Management In Lubbock, Texas, the Berl Huffman Athletic Complex is on the verge of a renaissance. Two years ago, Market Lubbock and the City of Lubbock partnered on a $7 million investment to upgrade the venue, a crown jewel even among the city’s many athletic facilities. Despite its

Raiderland Game Plan

Football season is back!  Picture this: a cloud of smoke appears, a black horse races across the field with the Masked Rider gripping the reins with one hand and holding her “Guns Up” with the other. The Red Raiders charge the field, greeted by 60,000 screaming fans. You don’t have to convince us that football

Foodie Favorites: Stacked

Whether you are looking for a hearty breakfast or a light lunch, Stacked should be at the top of your list! Open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., this newly opened restaurant caters to the early risers as well as those who may enjoy taking a late lunch. With your choice between all-day breakfast or

A Roundup of Lubbock’s Wedding Venues

When planning a wedding, there are plenty of considerations to be made for the special day. From the venue to the florals, decisions come by the dozen. Our team at Visit Lubbock is here to assist you in all of these decisions for the big day, including the catering, the photographer, the hotel and the