Month: February 2017

Live Love Lubbock with Ryan Todd Garza

Ryan Todd Garza is a local photographer, producer and songwriter who has recently returned home from L.A. My icebreaker question to Ryan was, “What is your favorite reptile?” He answered, “An iguana. We had one in elementary school, and he taught me that it’s okay to be yourself and just relax under the heat lamp sometimes.” We

Venue Spotlight: Four Bar K

Though Lubbock is increasingly becoming a regional hub for arts and culture, and the High Plains has gained notoriety for growing 80 percent of Texas’ wine grapes, the city still manages to stay true to its Western roots. One of the best ways to inject a little bit of that local flavor into your meeting

9 Lubbock Speakers Who Will Make Your Event Memorable

When I’m deciding whether or not I will attend an event, the first step I take is to check out the speaker lineup. For event planners, booking exceptional speakers is vital to hosting a successful conference. On the flip side, it can take quite a bit of time and quickly become expensive. The good news

Confessions from Lubbock Legends

For our 2017 Visitor’s Guide, we interviewed a few of our favorite legends to get the artists’ scoop on all things Lubbock. See how they answered below:   See William Clark Green at his annual Street Party in April hosted outside The Blue Light Live. Hear more from David Gaschen. See how we gave Don Caldwell

Now Open: Comfort Suites by the Marsha Sharp Freeway

As new restaurants and attractions continue to open in Lubbock, the hotel scene is no different with five hotels added to the market in 2016 and another seven that are currently under construction. Comfort Suites, located at 4927 Marsha Sharp Fwy., is the latest hotel to open in the “Hub City.” On December 16, 2016, Comfort Suites

Live Love Lubbock with Mary Ruth Matthews

Known to her friends as M.R., Mary Ruth Matthews is a true patron of the Lubbock arts, from wine and letterpress to coffee and music legends. You can find her leading brainstorms and making friends downtown throughout the week and at Ralph’s Records on the weekend. She tells us all about her favorite artist, the new

6 Ways to Celebrate Love in Lubbock

It’s hard to believe the day of love is just around the corner. We all know the feelings this holiday can bring, the excitement, the doom and everything in between. However, over the years, Valentine’s Day has evolved as people have started to make it their own. Shout out to you, “Galentines.” This has me asking,

Searching for the Perfect Taco in the “Hub City”

For me, everyday is Taco Tuesday. I wake up craving breakfast tacos almost every morning and conveniently suggest dinner picks that just so happen to serve killer tacos. There’s just something about them that make it the perfect meal, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I do acknowledge not everyone is as passionate about tacos