Month: October 2015

Halloweekend Round-Up


The Halloween fever—not to be mistaken for the zombie fever— is in the air. Goblins, ghouls and superheroes are everywhere. Yesterday, we helped you with your last minute costume, so now all you need is some last minute Allhallowstide (“Halloweekend”) plans. You won’t have to get out of your costume all weekend long if you follow this

Step into History at the Caviel Museum of African-American History

A charming building full of history sits at the corner of Avenue A and 17th Street. Caviel’s Pharmacy operated in Lubbock for 49 years.  As I walked inside, I could still feel the hustle and bustle alive with smiles and friendly faces. Alfred and Billie Caviel were the first African-American husband and wife to own and

Spotlight on 3 Local Caterers

If you’re planning a meeting or event in Lubbock, one of the best ways to go local and give the event some Texas flair is to hire local caterers that specialize in West Texas favorites like barbecue or Tex-Mex. Some local caterers go a step further—offering an event setting that feels uniquely Lubbock and complements

Live Love Lubbock with Ashleigh Sawyer

We had so much fun interviewing Ashleigh Sawyer for our latest Live Love Lubbock video! We are glad she was able to step away from her post as “Queen Bee” of RD Thomas Advertising to tell us about her favorite Lubbock places. Sit down, shake (or stir) a martini and Live Love Lubbock with our friend,

5 Palate-Pleasing Plates in Lubbock


In Lubbock, there are nearly 1,000 places to get a good meal. That’s a lot of options! While there’s no way to list EVERY favorite, we’ve put together a quick list of five palate-pleasing plates (in no particular order) that are true to the “Hub City.” Warning: Be prepared for your stomach to growl or your