Month: October 2019

Halloween Happenings in the Hub City

Halloween Happenings in Lubbock, Texas Happy Halloween, Lubbockites! Whether you are taking the kiddos trick-or-treating or getting spooked at a haunted house, this October 31 is sure to give you a fright. Put on your costumes and grab the candy, because we have compiled a complete guide to the Halloween happenings around the “Hub City.” 

Our Favorite Lubbock-Inspired Costumes

Listen up, Lubbock! Halloween is right around the corner and we need to talk costumes. Come October 31, instead of frantically hunting through our closet for anything that resembles a punny costume, we are turning the camera on ourselves. Whether you are the type of person who plans your costume well in advance or waits

Parma Ristorante Italiano

When I think of foodie favorites in the “Hub City,” plates of award-winning barbecue, tapas, and tacos come to mind. Now, with the opening of Parma, pasta rivals the rest! This hidden gem started serving delicious, authentic Italian cuisine on August 31 and is a must-try for pasta lovers in Lubbock.  With every bite, you

What’s Happening: Fall in Lubbock

It’s fall, y’all! October is arguably the best month of the year (in my opinion) and I am here for it. Lucky for us, Lubbock has the perfect selection of fall festivities to kick off the pumpkin spice and cool weather obsessions. Whether you enjoy racing through a corn maze with the family, getting scared

At’l Do Farms

Celebrate the start of fall with a trip to the annual At’l Do Farms Corn Maize. From hay rides and salty-sweet kettle corn, to toasty campfires and the famous corn cannon, At’l Do Farms is sure to please any fall lover.  

Fall Fashion Trends in the Hub City

It’s that time of year where the leaves fall and so does my bank account. Fall shopping gets to the best of us, and Lubbock has no shortage of shops. Eager to find some of the latest trends in fall fashion this season, I ventured out in the “Hub City” to scout out a few