Month: November 2021

Cuffing Season in the “Hub City”

As the Lubbock wind blows colder and winter days get darker, we tend to hold close and get cozy with our special someone. In the dating world, this time of year is referred to as “cuffing season”. “Cuffing” is a term used when people get into relationships during the colder months of the year to

What’s Brewing in Lubbock, Texas

By: Camille Hughes As the Lubbock air begins to cool and we approach the winter months, nothing sounds more comforting or delicious than a hearty glass of local craft beer. Luckily for local brew lovers, Lubbock’s up-and-coming craft beer scene boasts a plethora of breweries with their own unique twists throughout the city. Take a

Indulge in Fine Wine and Cheese at The Funky Door

Wine and Cheese have gone hand-in-hand for centuries all over the world, and in West Texas there isn’t a better place to do a wine and cheese pairing than at The Funky Door Bistro & Wine Room.  Upon arriving at The Funky Door, you will be greeted by a spiraling staircase that holds thousands of