Month: July 2017

Finding an Outdoor Venue in Lubbock

The “Hub City” is well known for cool evening temperatures and breathtaking sunsets. What better way to introduce your guests to both than at an outdoor venue. For an opening ceremony, closing reception, networking event or happy hour, consider moving outdoors and taking in the gorgeous scenery. We’ve highlighted a few outdoor venues to consider for your

New in Lubbock – July 2017

We’re always on the lookout for great new places to share with you, our guests. Lubbock’s rapid growth over the last several years has given way to a boost in businesses large and small opening up across town. Check out a few of the new spots for food and fun around the “Hub City.”  

5 Ways to Enjoy the Last Days of Summer in Lubbock

Let’s all take a moment of silence as the month of July comes to an end. Even though fall is one of the best times of the year in the “Hub City,” summer months always seem to go by too quickly. But, before we say goodbye, here are a few ways that can make parting a

7 Sippable Summer Cocktails

Summertime is here, the living is easy and the cocktails are refreshing. This month, we went on a quest to find drinks that incorporate all the flavors of the season, shaken, stirred or poured in a glass. Take a look at where you can find them in Lubbock. Crafthouse Gastropub Crafthouse never fails to impress

Sneak Peek: Archaeology in Action

First referred to as Punta de Agua (point of water), Long Lake and now Lubbock Lake, this landmark may not seem significant at first glance, but if you look a little further, or should I say dig deeper, you’ll see stories from thousands of years past that are highly significant to this region and even

What’s Coming Up in August

Lubbock plays host to a performance by Zac Wilkerson and Kensie Coppin, a K-9 Splash Fest, a watch party for the  Solar Eclipse and more in August. Check out this video for other happenings in the “Hub City.” To find out about more upcoming events, go to

Six Group-Friendly Casual Spots for Your Next Event

After a long day of competing on the field or cheering in the stands, there’s nothing better than a delicious meal. But if you are traveling with a large group, it can get difficult arranging enough space to keep everyone together. In the “Hub City,” there is an array of restaurants that can accommodate large

Liven Up Your Next Event in the “Hub City”

As any good conference planner knows, the time set aside for group activities needs to be unique to the location and interesting for your attendees.  Not everyone may join a 6 a.m. yoga session (although we have every intention to), so we’ve provided a few suggestions for additional activities during your next event in Lubbock. But

5 Ways to Watch Live Theater in Lubbock

Whether it’s Moonlight Musicals or Broadway productions, the “Hub City” has a passion for live theater. From aspiring kings and queens of the stage to theater students and talented locals, our city is overflowing with skilled performers. Below is a quick glimpse at where you can catch live theater performances throughout the year, but you’ll

Live Love Lubbock with Booga Bradshaw

Booga Bradshaw is a hip-hop artist making waves in the “Hub City.” When he’s not onstage or in the studio, you’ll find him “shining all Summa 7 Teen,” chowing down on the sweetest breakfast sandwich in town and checking out a local coffee shop’s art gallery. Booga shares a few of his favorite up-and-coming artists with