Month: January 2019

Venue Spotlight: The Willows Event Center

Betenbough Companies, the parent company of Betenbough Homes, felt called to include a training and equipping center for their Kingdom At Work movement in their newest building on the expansive Betenbough campus known as The Grove; The Willows Event Center was created out of that calling.  The Willows Event Center, located at 6303 82nd Street,

What’s Brewing in Lubbock

While Lubbock is known for its six (and counting) award-winning wineries and its grape-growing prowess, there’s something new brewing in the heart of the city: craft beer. From an established local hotspot to the up-and-comers, here’s a look at Lubbock’s best spots for beer lovers. Triple J Chophouse & Brew Co. 1807 Buddy Holly Ave.

2019 Foodie Faves

Feast your eyes on a few of the crave-worthy bites from Lubbock’s culinary scene. We hope you packed your appetite! Fettucine Amatriciana Rain Uptown This unassuming dish is nestled among classic Italian fare on Rain Uptown’s dinner menu, but it’s a true standout. Loaded with smoked bacon, Mediterranean spices and tossed in a creamy tomato