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Mary & Mac Private School

In 1954, Lucille Graves established Mary & Mac Private School as a preschool for African-American students. Named for a version of the hand-clapping song “Mary Mack,” emphasizing aspirations for the students to become contributing members of society, the institution offered an alternative to local public schools in a time when private schools for African Americans

Great Plains Life Insurance Company Building

At twenty-one stories, the Great Plains Life Building still marks the highest peak of Lubbock’s skyline. When completed, it was hailed as the tallest building between Fort Worth and Denver. Daniel Boone, the designer in Abilene-based David Castle’s office, organized the slender tower like that of the International Style PSFS Building in Philadelphia (1932, Howe

The Free Range Era of Ranching

After Indians and buffalo were removed in 1870s, several hundred cattlemen with small herds came to rolling plains near site of later Lubbock, to graze free range. Vital natural water sources were found east of the Caprock, where springs and streams were fed from the Ogallala Formation of the High Plains. Here, with good years

St. John’s United Methodist Church

Established in 1939, St. John’s was at first announced by Methodist Bishop Ivan Lee Holt to be located one mile south of campus to serve faculty and students of Texas Technological College. Several Methodist faculty members, encouraged by Sallie Maud Horn, widow of Texas Tech’s first president Paul W. Horn, petitioned for a site, closer

V-8 Ranch

Nestled into a small, shallow valley created by a bend in the north fork of the double mountain fork of the Brazos River, the 1,500-acre V-8 Ranch contains the headquarters of the vast Ioa ranch, which was a 14 by 30-mile contiguous block of land covering most of the southern half of Lubbock County. The

Buddy Holly

Charles Hardin “Buddy” Holley was born in Lubbock on September 7, 1936, to Ella Pauline (Drake) and Lawrence Odell “L.O.” Holley. The youngest of four children, Buddy grew up in a musical household, with his mother and siblings singing and playing instruments. Buddy showed musical aptitude, taking violin, piano and steel guitar lessons. He took

County Line Community & Cemetery

In 1901, W.G. Murray, John H. Pettit, and the J.G. Hardy family purchased land in this area. These early farming families started a local school, built with lumber hauled from the nearest railhead at Canyon City. In 1903, Hale and Lubbock county commissioners officially established the school district. Murray donated a five-acre tract to Lubbock

Bodine’s Cocktail Parlor

An upscale cocktail parlor, Bodine’s is one of the newest additions to the Depot District. Its sophisticated ambiance, outdoor patio and live music make for a polished but relaxed experience.