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The Flatland Film Festival is Upon Us

The Flatland Film Festival

For as long as I can remember, going to the movies was a way to take a break from the outside world and get totally lost in a story. Mix that with the aroma of buttered popcorn, a fizzy soda and the occasional sticky floor that temporarily glued your feet to the ground, going to

May the Fourth be with you in Lubbock, Texas

Star Wars fanboys know today as the film’s unofficial holiday. May the 4th—chosen for its similar sound to “May the force be with you”—celebrates the film trilogy, books, and culture of Star Wars.Although, you won’t be able to find lightsaber-wielding prairie-dogs, you don’t have to go to a galaxy far, far away to see lasers.

Lubbock Loves Valentine’s Day

Love. Amor. Amore. Liebe. 愛 No matter how you say it, there are plenty of ways to express your feelings for the one you love. With the help of our local love birds on our Facebook page, we’d like to share some places that evoke the feelings that give you butterflies and make you weak

Visit Lubbock Top 10 Moment of 2013 – # 5

Thanks to a group of dedicated Lubbockites, the City of Lubbock will welcome a new performing arts center in the next few years. A new performing arts center will help drive Lubbock’s commitment to strengthening our quality of life and providing more entertainment opportunities for the people of Lubbock and our visitors. Here’s an in

It Was A Sight to Be Seen

Hosted by The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts (LHUCA), The 9th Annual Flatland Film Festival opened with a bang on Thursday, Oct. 17 thanks to Chris Eska’s film, “The Retrieval.”  Set in the height of the Civil War, the audience was immediately introduced to a young man named Will. Will and his not-so-friendly

Expect the Unexpected at the 2013 Flatland Film Festival

The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts (LHUCA) is building momentum as they prep for their 9th Annual Flatland Film Festival in Lubbock, Texas. The festival is an international short film competition that received more than 60 entries from five different countries. With such an overwhelming amount of entries, Tonja Hagy, marketing coordinator for LHUCA, is anxiously awaiting