Fall Fashion Trends in the Hub City

Written By Lacie Freelen

October 08, 2019

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It’s that time of year where the leaves fall and so does my bank account. Fall shopping gets to the best of us, and Lubbock has no shortage of shops. Eager to find some of the latest trends in fall fashion this season, I ventured out in the “Hub City” to scout out a few local places to visit when stocking your wardrobe this fall.



Let’s Talk Leisure
Don’t panic, wearing workout clothes doesn’t actually mean you have to workout. There is no shame in dressing in cute, cozy activewear and driving right pass that gym.  The Ash is a great spot to find a few pieces for your closet. From two-piece snake skin sets, cardigans, and sweatpants, The Ash offers all the fall athleisure trends. For a more basic look, I suggest a pair of high-waisted leggings with a cute halter top and a flowy cardigan. Looking to take that laid back look up a notch? I’ve got two words for you- biker shorts.  If you’re hesitant on whether you can rock these or not, don’t be. There are a few ways these can be styled. I think the most flattering way would be paired with a long-sleeve crop top. If you’re anything like me and the word “crop top” scares you, don’t fret. I promise you’ll look fabulous! Whether you’re headed to the gym or to happy hour, it’s time to layout the athleisure! 

Animal Print
I am a sucker for animal print, and if we are being honest, I may have an addiction to it!  I’m all for bringing out your bold side and adding a little print to your fit. Luckily, everywhere I shopped seemed to share my obsession. Piper and Hemline aren’t lacking when it comes to a little feisty wardrobe. From cheetah to snakeskin, they’ve got you covered. Grab a cheetah jacket or leopard leather leggings from Piper. Then, head over to Hemline and snatch up their fierce, red snakeskin romper. Pair this statement piece with their black leather jacket and feel as boujee as you look! 

Material Girl:
Satin and suede for days! These textures are in, and rightly so. Indingenious’s black suede jacket is a statement piece you won’t want to pass up. This lightweight piece of  vintage heaven is the perfect touch to any outfit. I loved it so much I had to buy it for further investigation. Satin, satin, satin. This silky material is going to change your world. J Hoffman’s has a chic satin set you won’t be able to live without. The mid-length skirt and collared tie top can be worn together or apart. No matter how you fashionistas decide to style the set, you’re going to look like a million bucks! 

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