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Lubbock in the Spotlight

Lubbock is making a name for itself in the travel and tourism industry. See what top publishers have to say about the Hub City! The Kitchn | How to Pick the Perfect Bottle of Wine For Every Type of Invite Travel Lens | 25 Best Things to Do in Lubbock, TX Toronto Sun | SOUNDS

Visit Lubbock Like a Local: How Everyday Choices Shape Our Community and Economy

By: Taylor McAlpine Throughout Lubbock, something remarkable is happening. It’s not just the tourists (or graduates) snapping photos of iconic landmarks or the steady stream of visitors flocking to local attractions. It’s about the community, the people who call this place home, and how their everyday decisions shape the vibrancy of our city. At Local

How to Spend 24 hours in Lubbock

By: Jessica Merrill If you find yourself passing through, having an extended layover or wanting a 24 hour adventure, get ready for a memorable day showcasing a range of attractions. Whether you’re a history junkie, art lover, or simply looking for a taste of authentic Texas charm, Lubbock has it all.  Let’s dive into an

4 eventos vinícolas imperdibles en Lubbock, Texas

Las amplias llanuras del oeste de Texas, junto con el clima seco y árido, ofrecen el entorno perfecto para el cultivo de la uva para vino. De hecho, Lubbock es el productor líder de uvas para vino en Texas con más de 90% cultivadas en Texas High Plains AVA. Esto ofrece a los bebedores de vino de todos los niveles una verdadera experiencia de la vid a la copa.

Lo que comen los chefs de Hub City

Cuando imagina los hábitos diarios de los chefs de los restaurantes de mayor escala, puede pensar que cocinan y comen platos sofisticados y complejos en todo momento. En realidad, muchos chefs comen de manera bastante simple, prueban lo que están cocinando durante el día y se unen al personal para una comida comunitaria al final de la tarde. En sus horas libres, es

Acontecimientos de Hub City: noviembre

By: Aubrie Harris November 1 – The Amazing Castle Travel back to medieval times with The Amazing Castle exhibition at the Science Spectrum. Visitors can explore eight themed and interactive areas. This whimsical exhibit is on display every weekday and is included with the standard museum admission fee. November 1 – King Tut: Treasures of

5 Reasons to Travel to Lubbock as a Digital Nomad

Now more than ever, remote workers and digital nomads are on the move. Whether you are bringing business with you to visit family over the holidays or planning your next short-term travel destination as a digital nomad, Lubbock is the ideal spot to explore. If you have the flexibility to work from anywhere, you should

7 Standout Cocktails in Lubbock

Cheers from Lubbock! We’ve rounded up our favorite West Texas libations from around the city. From stops in the Downtown Depot District to speakeasies on the south side, enjoy these spirits and more in Lubbock. Garden Gimlet (Mocktail) | The Nicolett Featured in Forbes Food & Wine, Chef Finn Walter’s innovative non-alcoholic cocktail program continues

A Culinary Experience to Remember in South Lubbock

I think it’s fair to say one of the hardest decisions in crafting an itinerary is where to eat. With a diverse and thriving culinary scene in Lubbock, there’s no shortage of world-class cuisine. But if one chef and restauranteur knows how to make a mouth-watering statement, it’s Cameron West. Time and time again, customers

Un sorbo del oeste de Texas: una mirada a uno de los viñedos familiares más exitosos de la región

Ubicada a cuarenta y tres millas al suroeste de Lubbock, una bodega familiar con una rica historia está ubicada en más de 400 acres en Texas High Plains AVA. La región produce más de 85% de la producción de uvas para vinificación de Texas, y Reddy Vineyards ha contribuido a esa notoriedad durante más de dos décadas. La historia de Reddy Vineyards, profundamente arraigada en el