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noviembre 09, 2023

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Cuando imagina los hábitos diarios de los chefs de los restaurantes de mayor escala, puede pensar que cocinan y comen platos sofisticados y complejos en todo momento.

En realidad, muchos chefs comen de manera bastante simple, prueban lo que están cocinando durante el día y se unen al personal para una comida comunitaria al final de la tarde. En sus horas libres, no es raro que cocinen comidas sencillas, como un plato de pasta simple o una comida sustanciosa de bistec y papas, o que cenen tacos callejeros o un plato lleno de nachos en los restaurantes locales de Lubbock. .

Para la mayoría de nosotros, intentar crear una comida un tanto elaborada, ya sea asar un pollo entero, hacer pasta desde cero o probar un risotto comestible, alivia la monotonía de nuestro trabajo diario en el escritorio. Pero para estos grandes chefs locales, cocinar en casa para sus amigos y familiares es una historia muy diferente. Me senté con tres chefs locales para reflexionar sobre lo que les gusta cocinar y comer, así como de dónde obtienen su inspiración para elaborar deliciosos platos a diario.

Jessica Fultz | Cocina de La Sirena

Behind the heartbeat of La Sirena, Executive Chef Jessica Fultz and her mom created a slow-food kitchen “that emerged from family dinners and a love of community that comes from creating beautiful home-cooked meals combined with the magic of tequila and a good bottle of wine.” This New Mexico-inspired Bistro is styled to its core, from the refined seasonal menu options to the intricate nods to mermaids and sea life placed throughout the restaurant. Read on to find out what this Lubbock chef has to say about her community’s culinary offerings:

¿Qué es lo que más te inspira de la escena culinaria en el 806?

To see locally owned, chef driven restaurants become more prevalent here. We have always been a city with an abundance of chain restaurants. I love that some of these local spots have supported local farmers as well. Keeping it as local as possible is great for the overall community, not to mention making for more exciting and tasty menus.

What is your go-to dish to make for you and/or your family?

My favorite time cooking is with my family. It is always an event where everyone participates. We all love to cook and everyone has their own style. I wouldn’t say I have a go-to but what we grew up making as a family was stacked enchiladas. Green chiles, black beans, veggies, Monterey Jack cheese, fresh tomato pico, crisp lettuce all layered and topped with a fried egg. Someone would always make a guacamole and grilled jalapenos on the side for an extra kick. We would all have to help out with the “assembly line”. As my brother says “the family that cooks together, stays together”.

¿Cuál es uno de tus lugares favoritos para comer algo en Lubbock?

One of my favorite all time comfort go-to dishes that never disappoints is at Thai Thai. #34 Tom Kar Kai (Chicken Coconut Soup) spicy with extra veggies. I sub tofu for chicken. It will cure whatever ails you.

Antonio Pina | Claraboya Scratch Kitchen & Bar

chef nacido en Texas, Antonio (Tony) Pina, has been creating innovative cuisine in the Lubbock for the past several years. Now, with over three years as the Executive Chef at DoubleTree by Hilton, Chef Pina is helping to redefine the local dining culture. At Claraboya Scratch Kitchen and Bar, every bite is a farm-to-table experience. But what inspires him about the city he chooses to serve?

¿Qué es lo que más te inspira de la escena culinaria en el 806?

The passionate foodies we have in Lubbock are beyond inspiring. I appreciate that our foodies know what they want and demand it.

Otra cosa que me inspira de Lubbock a la hora de crear recetas es que tenemos diferentes estaciones. Mi objetivo principal es crear alimentos con lo que tenemos aquí en nuestro propio patio trasero y las empresas locales que llevan esa pasión a sus productos que puede encontrar en nuestros mercados locales como Wolfforth's Farmers Market y Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market.

¿Cuál es tu plato favorito para hacer para tu familia?

Mi plato favorito para mí y mi familia es realmente simple: un buen bistec y papas. 

El bistec tiene que ser asado a la parrilla sobre una llama caliente de madera de nuez del oeste de Texas, por supuesto. 

¿Cuál es uno de tus lugares favoritos para comer algo en Lubbock?

Definitivamente Taquería Autlán. Realmente disfruto sus tacos callejeros y la variedad de salsas que ofrecen para rematar. Realmente soy un comedor simple, ¡solo dame tacos!

Cameron West | The West Table, Dirk’s, Neighborhood F&B

While the West family is not new to Lubbock’s culinary scene, with each new menu item offered and unique eatery opened, they are keeping it fresh. Chef cameron oeste is the mastermind behind several local favorites, including Dirk’s, The West Table, and, most recently, Neighborhood F&B. While the vibe and experience at each establishment is vastly different, somehow the feel is the same. Stellar food, sip-worthy cocktail menus and a feeling of community at every table. His outlook on Lubbock’s culinary scene:

¿Qué es lo que más disfruta de la escena culinaria de Lubbock?

I enjoy the diversity of the cuisine for a town our size. There’s something for any mood and occasion.

¿Cuál crees que es la joya gastronómica escondida más grande de Lubbock?

Some of my favorite restaurants are ones off the beaten path. For Mexican food, I turn to El Ranchito Burrito for their Green Chile Pork Burrito with Rice or Jimenez Tortilleria y Taqueria for their fresh tortillas and Carne Guisada, Picadillo, Barbacoa, and Asado. For Asian food, I enjoy JinLi Szechuan/Cantonese Restaurant and Seoul for their Spicy Pork.

What is your go-to dish to make for you and/or your family?

My kids love our version of Cacio e Pepe – Lemon Butter Noodles with freshly grated parmesan.

¿Cuál es uno de tus lugares favoritos para comer algo en Lubbock?

It depends on the occasion. When I’m in a barbecue mood, my favorites are Evie Mae’s and Tom & Bingo’s. For a date night, I always enjoy Cocina La Sirena and Claraboya Scratch Kitchen & Bar. Arrandas Taqueria and Taqueria Autlan are great for any occasion.

These seasoned chefs continue to create innovative cuisine using the freshest—and often locally sourced—ingredients, all while redefining what it means to cook and eat like a Texan in the Lubbock. Be sure to check out these top chefs’ delectable dishes – we promise you won’t be disappointed! And as always, share your foodie experiences with us using #VisitLubbock!


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