A Culinary Experience to Remember in South Lubbock

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octubre 11, 2023

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I think it’s fair to say one of the hardest decisions in crafting an itinerary is where to eat. With a diverse and thriving culinary scene in Lubbock, there’s no shortage of world-class cuisine. But if one chef and restauranteur knows how to make a mouth-watering statement, it’s Cameron West.

Time and time again, customers leave impressed by the perfected simplicity of fried chicken at Dirk’s, the impeccable internationally-inspired menu at The West Table and the upscale bar food at The Brewery LBK. With success in three different, curated culinary endeavors, it only made sense that the newest addition to the West family’s restaurant lineup would be its own unique destination. 

A modern twist on a neighborhood bar and grill serving elevated seasonal fare, craft cocktails, local beers and a diverse selection of wine, Neighborhood Food and Beverage is one of South Lubbock’s newest additions. 

With several new additions to the area including a golf course, axe throwing gallery, spa and more, South Lubbock is bustling with high-end shopping and activities for you to explore. Stop by and get a taste of what this Lubbock neighborhood has to offer at one of its most loved restaurants.

From the moment you step through the entrance, tall ceilings, elevated chic decor, a high-energy staff and comfortable seating options greet you. The welcoming ambiance pulls you in and carries on throughout your dining experience. 

Cheers to Craft Cocktails

While the restaurant has an entire menu full of craft cocktails, we’re highlighting two one-of-a-kind creations straight from one of Lubbock’s favorite bartenders, known by his loyal customers and friends as Cousin. 

One sip of the brujaja spritz transports you to the Amalfi Coast. Strega liquor, lemon, bubbles and smoked rosemary complement each other for this light, tart, balanced and citrusy explosion of flavor. Start your meal off with this refreshing creation and pair it with an appetizer of choice. 

It’s great paired with dinner but could easily stand alone as dessert. The banana nut ol’ fash is smooth, smokey and slightly sweet. Its nutty profile with an after note of banana is so favorable many non-whiskey drinkers are fans. Walnut-infused howler’s head banana whiskey and the eatery’s rich demerara- black walnut bitters and brûléed banana- is the eatery’s signature cocktail. 


I could talk about Neighborhood F&B’s lineup of starters all day, but I’ll spare you the long version and leave you with this- the deep-fried deviled eggs are the elevated sister to a southern classic. Topped with a serrano ham crisp and roasted piquillo aioli, you’ll want a plate or two for the whole table to share. 

While the eatery has only been open a few weeks, customers have already claimed crowd favorites. From the grilled pimento cheese sandwich with tomato bisque hacia fried lasagna, the entire menu is made up of handhelds and plates that leave nothing left to be desired. 

But we’ll focus on the star of the menu- burger. That’s right. It’s so good and quintessentially burger that the name needed no further explanation. The dish features A1 bacon jam, caramelized onions, American cheese and toasted brioche. It sounds simple, but it’s easily one of- if not- the best I’ve ever tasted. It is perfectly seasoned, texturally well-rounded, and, after you taste it once, craveable daily. Trust me, one bite and you might be planning a trip back to Lubbock before you even leave!

If I haven’t convinced you yet, I don’t know what will. Worth the drive and more, make a reservation for dinner or be one of the first to dine in for the eatery’s new brunch hours on Saturday and Sunday. Add this stop to your itinerary and meet the South Lubbock Neighborhood! 

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