Marathon Training in the LBK

Written By McKenna Dowdle

September 01, 2021

Since 2019, runners have been training for the highly anticipated 2020 Lubbock Mayor’s Marathon. After three postponements due to COVID-19, we are finally eight weeks out from the 2021 Lubbock Mayor’s Marathon and if you haven’t registered for the race, it should be at the top of your to-do list! For me, there is no better way to stick to a goal than putting your money where your mouth is. I would also argue that publicly broadcasting you are running a marathon will hold you accountable just as well. So, here we are, eager and ready to be in the best shape of our lives! For those who have a desire to start but don’t know where to begin, let’s take first step together into this training journey and all the way to the finish line! 

To begin, finding a training schedule in key. You can find the Lubbock City training program here. While having an Apple Watch, or any other type of fitness watch, has been an integral part in my runs, athletes also use the MapMyRun mobile app by Under Armor to track my speed, time and distance and it also provides possible routes near your location to make finding a running course easier. I have also found that running the marathon course to be helpful, as it helps prepare for the conditions on the day of the race. 

As I began to consider running shoes, I knew my old reliable sneakers weren’t going to do the trick if I wanted to become a serious runner. Luckily, Lubbock has a great variety of shops to choose from when it comes to footwear. For a complete gait analysis to ensure the perfect shoe for your foot size and width, make your way to FootTech. In fact, they do much more than just analyze your feet. Their experts will help you with running techniques as well as nutrition and fitness goals while training.

Of course, you have to have the gear (matching outfits) to compliment your new running shoes. When it comes to all things sports, Cardinal’s Sports Center is your one-stop-shop. From women, men and youth activewear, to belt bags and armbands to store your belongings while on the run, Cardinal’s has all you need to ensure every run is comfortable and smooth.

Now that we have taken the needed steps to properly kick this goal into high gear, we are ready to set a new personal record and earn that runner’s high we’ve heard about but don’t quite believe. If you’d like to tag along and train with me, follow us on Instagram at @visitlubbock and @lubbocksports. For information and event details on the Lubbock Mayor’s Marathon, check below.

Lubbock Mayor’s Marathon – October 31, 2021

Runners will begin the race at 7:20 a.m. at the Buddy Holly Center and make their way through Mackenzie Park, Downtown Lubbock and Texas Tech University campus. Click here to register for the Mayor’s Marathon, today! Options for races include the full marathon, half marathon, 5-K and the children’s fun-run 2-K. After you cross the finish line, celebrate this great feat with your biggest cheerleaders by listening to live music and indulging in the local favorite food trucks. I don’t know about you, but I am already dreaming of my post-run meal! 

Share your training with us using #LiveLoveLubbock and happy running! 


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