Visit Lubbock Like a Local: How Everyday Choices Shape Our Community and Economy

Written By Guest Blogger

May 20, 2024


By: Taylor McAlpine

Throughout Lubbock, something remarkable is happening. It’s not just the tourists (or graduates) snapping photos of iconic landmarks or the steady stream of visitors flocking to local attractions. It’s about the community, the people who call this place home, and how their everyday decisions shape the vibrancy of our city.

At Local LBK, we’ve always believed that living like a local isn’t just about where you’re from, but how you engage with your surroundings. It’s about embracing the spirit of exploration, supporting local businesses, and fostering a sense of community pride. This ethos forms the backbone of our collaboration with Visit Lubbock, especially as we celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week.

In partnership with Visit Lubbock, we’re highlighting the importance of travel and tourism in our community, not just for the economic benefits but for the soul of our city. When locals are more engaged in their own community, it thrives. It’s about understanding that our everyday choices, no matter how small, contribute to the bigger picture.

In our collaborative video series this summer, we’ll explore Lubbock through the lens of locals of all ages, showcasing how you can do Lubbock your way. If you’re looking for even more events, activities, and local businesses to support, we’d love for you to sign up for our weekly newsletter where we share some of our top picks for the week to help you find what you love in your own backyard. 

When you love where you live, it’s not just about your personal experiences; it’s about the relationships you build and the support you offer to your neighbors. It’s about recognizing that your favorite coffee shop, boutique, or restaurant isn’t just a place to grab a cup of joe or browse for clothes; it’s a cornerstone of the community, supporting local livelihoods and dreams.

Living like a local transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. Even your own hometown can feel like a new destination and a vacation. A sense of wonder and curiosity, an openness to try new things, can change your whole perception of where you live. It’s about discovering hidden gems, attending local events, and immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of our city’s culture.

But the beauty of living like a local doesn’t end at your doorstep. It extends to your travels, wherever they may take you. When you’ve cultivated a deep connection to your own community, you carry that spirit of exploration with you wherever you go. You seek out authentic experiences, engage with locals, and embrace the culture of your destination in a way that goes beyond the surface level.

This is the essence of our collaboration with Visit Lubbock. It’s about showcasing the interconnectedness of travel, tourism, and community engagement. When locals love where they live, it boosts the benefits of tourism, supporting local business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s a cycle of reciprocity, where everyone benefits from a thriving community.

So, as we celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week, let’s remember the power of living like a local. Let’s embrace our community, support our neighbors, and open ourselves up to the endless possibilities of exploration, both near and far. After all, when we love where we live, the world becomes our playground, and every day is an adventure waiting to be discovered.


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