Three Spring Must-Try Dishes in Lubbock, Texas

Written By McKenna Dowdle

February 21, 2023

With menu items inspired by the region, Chef Finn Walter of The Nicolett, Chef Cameron West of The West Table Kitchen & Bar, and Chef Tony Pina of Claraboya Scratch Kitchen have curated three seasonal dishes you won’t want to miss. 

Lamb Neck in the Style of Brisket

At The Nicolett, Chef Walter sources the feature of his brisket-style lamb from Marfa Meats. Encrusted in the house exotic pepper mix and slow-smoked with local cherry wood, pinon and juniper, this dish is topped with lavender jus and salt. 

Viet-Cajun Crawfish Boil

With fresh seafood flown in daily, Chef West live boils crawfish that is then wok-seared with onions, garlic chives, lemongrass, ginger, Birds Eye Chili, and lime. He then butter seasons with a variety of seasons including garlic, smoked paprika, onion powder, dark chili powder, and lemongrass.

14oz Ribeye on Tomatillo Salsa Huevona “Lazy Sauce”

This season, Chef Pina has a menu featuring an exotic meat roation. This roasted bone marrow dish boasts broiled oaxaca cheese topped with chile arbol chimichurri and offers a side of roasted sweet and yukon gold potatoes tossed in garlic and local pickled seasonal peppers.  

Taste the Texas High Plains in Lubbock this spring! 


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