The Science Spectrum and OMNI Theater

Written By McKenna Dowdle

March 15, 2022

By: Camille Hughes

With over 250 hands-on science exhibits and shows, any age will find something new to enjoy at the Science Spectrum. This local favorite non-profit is home to the OMNI Theater, The Lubbock Children’s Museum, and Lubbock’s only public aquarium. It’s time to bring out your inner scientist and plan your visit to the Science Spectrum today!

Where it all Began

The Science Spectrum opened its doors in the mid 1980’s, first featuring traveling exhibits. Eventually, it opened as a full on museum! The group that dreamed of this space wanted to encourage people to learn and explore the world of science as this would be the first science museum on the South Plains. Economically, it grew and expanded to the location it is today with several additions and updates along the way!

OMNI Theater

Hold onto your seats and enjoy the ride while watching a film at the OMNI Theater. At the OMNI, science and educational films are showcased on a 58-foot domed screen and an 18,000-watts digital Dolby DTS sound system that is a fully engaging surround-sound experience. Visit the Science Spectrum website to look at the current and upcoming show schedule. Whether you prefer nature or space, this unique theater has a lineup of showings that are worth experiencing! 

Camps & Workshops

For ages ranging from 4-12, the Science Spectrum offers camps and workshops year round. With both morning and all-day sessions, the museum has availability to fit with all schedules. Kids will learn about topics including general science, bugs, chemistry, building/creating, and more! This is a perfect way for your young ones to spend their summer vacation!

Current Exhibit

The Science Spectrum is currently infested with giant bugs…for their World of Giant Bugs Exhibit! Until May 22, guests can check out this intriguing exhibit which teaches the life and survival of a bug’s life. Interactive activities include the opportunity for guests to see from the bug’s perspective as they explore while being the same size as these creatures. You would be buggin’ if you didn’t go see this exhibit.

Never stop exploring and being curious! Grab your families, a date, or go on your own adventure and see for yourself how fascinating the world of science is. Don’t forget to make a donation to continue the education and exhibits for this local non-profit. 


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