The Midnight Shift: Side B of the Cotton Court Hotel

Written By Visit Lubbock Interns

March 22, 2021

By: Kayla Omukawila

The Midnight Shift is the perfect downtown destination with its Texas-American inspired cuisine paired perfectly with the rustic backyard atmosphere that opens into the Cotton Court Hotel courtyard where local artists are featured on stage every weekend, giving guests a front-row look into the “Hub City” culture.  You do not want to miss out on the newest addition to Lubbock’s thriving culinary scene!

The Midnight Shift does an amazing job of paying tribute to Lubbock’s history with its name having dual meaning being the title of one of Buddy Holly’s legendary songs , as well as playing off of the hotel’s design. As you look up at the ceiling you can see exposed vents and the pipeline which mimics an 18th century cotton gin. This restaurant offers a warm, cozy feeling with its dim lights and wooden decor.

A unique characteristic featured in the restaurant would be the thought placed in each detail . While skimming the menu, I had an ah-ha reaction when realizing each item is named after a Lubbock staple like the West Texas Cloud, Tumbleweed and Guns Up Margarita. Not only do the names boast meaning, but so do the beers on tap. For a local craft brew, look no further as the Midnight Shift offers a variety of Two Docs Brewing Co. stouts ready to pour. 

To start off the night I had the chili and garlic shrimp appetizer. It came in a skillet with chili and garlic sauce paired with two toasted and buttered slices of bread. I highly recommended this starter, not only for the shrimp but the toast as well, which is the perfect mix between salty and buttery! 

After the appetizer, I moved on to the main course and ordered the pan-seared salmon and the chicken fried short rib. Both of these dishes were as mouth-watering as they sound. The salmon was served over a pepper jack sope, creating a flawless combination that tastes like Heaven on earth. Next, I tried the  super filling, tender and crispy chicken fried short rib. Served with mashed potatoes and seasoned vegetables, believe me when I say this dish is a showstopper. After this flavourful meal, you will be full for the rest of the night!

But, there’s always room for dessert! To finish off the night I had the savory buttermilk apple cake skillet. After immediately being taken out of the oven, this cake was soft and warm, making for the perfect creamy marriage in each spoonful of skillet cake and melting ice cream. This is definitely the right way to end the night. 

Overall, the amazing service and a friendly staff are the true icing on the cake. This restaurant is ideal for a group of friends to catch up or a date night with your love. Make sure to stop by any time of the day and check out the breakfast and lunch menu. The Midnight Shift is a Lubbock must-try that everyone needs to experience! 

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