The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences

Written By McKenna Dowdle

September 07, 2019


Imagine enjoying your favorite international artist in the front row of a world-class, acoustically pristine theater. Or relaxing in a luxurious VIP lounge listening to a private performance. Or how about attending an elegant gala with an impressive backdrop of a grand spiral staircase? These visions have now come to light.

After Lubbock Entertainment \ Performing Arts Association (LEPAA) revealed its plans for development back in 2013, the construction of The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences is at last completed.

After several years of envisioning a performing arts venue that would house acclaimed entertainment and revolutionary performances in a facility designed by world-renowned architects, this world class, 220,000-square-foot campus, welcomes performance goers, Broadway touring productions and other renowned headliners thanks to local contributions.

Located in the heart of downtown Lubbock and designed for local, national and international entertainment and arts education, The Buddy Holly Hall boasts the following:

  • Helen DeVitt Jones Main Theater
    • 2,200 seats comfortably rise over four levels with two VIP lounges
    • Acoustic rating NC 15
  • The Crickets Studio Theater
    • 24,225 square feet designed with Lubbock ISD’s needs in mind
    • 425 seats, concessions and lounge area, dedicated lobby area and private west entrance
    • Acoustic rating NC15
  • Multipurpose Event Room
    • 6,000 sub-dividable square feet functional for receptions, banquets, lectures, meetings and rehearsals
  • Ballet Lubbock Pre-Professional Academy
    • 22,000 square-foot dance center, office and storage space
  • Food and Dining
    • 2,500 square-foot commercial kitchen to accommodate all venue catering
    • 2,000 square-foot Bistro with 100-seat capacity
  • Christine DeVitt Main Lobby
    • Visual experience featuring a spiral staircase; serves as the main entrance to the Hall
    • Accommodates 300 seated people for banquets, weddings and galas
  • Backstage
    • Loading docks, control rooms, dressing rooms, visiting company offices, conference room, management and administrative offices, storage for sets and costumes and performers’ lounges

In addition to the artistic influence and educational opportunities this state-of-the-art facility attracts, The Buddy Holly Hall poses a huge economic impact for the “Hub City”. Serving as a catalyst for downtown revitalization, the economic impact of The Buddy Holly Hall created an estimated 1,200 new jobs during construction and now a total of 36 new jobs after opening, with more than $3.7 million impact annually to Lubbock’s tax revenue.

Since The Buddy Holly Hall is privately funded and operated, ALL contributions directly funded construction of the project. A capital endowment alongside innovative partnerships with local arts organizations, public schools and universities, and private corporations allow The Buddy Holly Hall to be financially self-sustaining.

For more information on LEPAA and The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences, visit the LEPAA website.


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