Take the Scenic Route Toward the 806

Written By McKenna Dowdle

May 15, 2020

While plans of exploration and new adventure start to become a reality, hop in the car and head west toward Lubbock, Texas! A five-hour drive from Dallas or a six-hour drive from Austin, travelers are able to watch the sunrise over the metro area in their rearview mirror while later experiencing a West Texas sunset so beautiful it could have only been created by the master painter, Himself. This summer, take the scenic route across the Lone Star State to experience the charm and grandeur that is the wild west.  

The panorama of Texas Landscape features picturesque scenes filled with green rolling hills complemented by the rich color of native flowers in the east, as well as the beauty of the high plains coupled with miles of crops in the west. By traveling across the state and around the region, those making their way to the 806 catch a glimpse of Texas’ diverse landscapes.

For those coming across from Dallas or up through Austin, Houston and San Antonio, a full itinerary through the beautiful back roads seem less daunting at first glance. Whether it be a nationally acclaimed ranch or a must-try BBQ joint, each pitstop is full of history and wonder. 

Coming from the southeast

Driven by wanderlust, head north on U.S. 283 toward the “Hub City.” Road trippers will begin their travels with views of the lush, green landscape that is the northern part of Texas Hill Country. With summer in full bloom, Texas Bluebonnets season is upon us. A sea of blue fields runs as far as the eye can see along the southern part of the drive. 

Continue northward through Llano to taste some of the finest Texas barbecue on the east side of the state at Cooper’s BBQ. This much-needed rest stop is the perfect refuel to aid in the continuation of the journey. For the Texas country music lovers, the Heart of Texas Country Music Museum located just over 50 miles from Llano in Brady showcases memorabilia from the likes of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and even Elvis Presley! 

As Lubbock nears, check out West Texas’ best-kept secret, the historic Slaton Bakery for a final stop before arriving into the “Hub City.” The donuts are a must-have!

Photo Courtesy of Four Sixes Ranch

Coming from the northeast

Take the back road and head west on TX 114 for a look into the quaint, small-town Texas culture. This 70 miles-per-hour backroad boasts a quick trip toward the panhandle with a few sights along the way.

Outside of the metro area, travelers will drive along Lake Bridgeport. No matter what time of day it is, the view driving over the bridge is as gorgeous as the sparkling water beneath it.  

Popular attractions we deem as “can’t-miss” include The Four Sixes Ranch in Guthrie. This family-owned ranch is part of the infamous Burnett Ranches in Texas history. Take in the land, barn and cattle right from the car window! 

The ascension onto the West Texas caprock, whether it be near Crosbyton or Post, brings forth visions of rolling plains toward the horizon. As we begin to venture out into the world of travel, become a tourist in the most unlikely of places safe from the hustle and bustle of the greater metro area. While here, make a day trip of exploration north to any of Lubbock’s nearby canyons! Take it from us, there is no better place to escape and refresh than out here in the wide-open spaces.


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