Lubbock, Put Your Record On!

Written By Lacie Freelen

September 21, 2021

In a world of streaming music and downloading good reads, there are still places where people go to tangibly discover vintage vinyl and well-loved novels. These shops create an escape for lovers of music, literature and visual arts that is unparalleled to that of Amazon and Apple Music. Whether you are a 90s kid with a love for nostalgia, GenX looking to relive the glory days or a teen who enjoys a bit of culture, this type of experience can be found at several locations throughout Lubbock. We have collected a few of our favorites spots in the list below!

Ralph’s Records

Located on 82nd Street and Indiana Avenue, Ralph’s Records has been a mainstay record store in the LBK since the 1980s. Carrying everything from vinyls, CDs and video games to posters and tapestries, Ralph’s Records has a little bit of everything for every taste. Be sure to check out their inventory of guitars and local concert tickets while you’re in store. 

2nd & Charles

2nd & Charles is a resident of Canyon West shopping center located off of Marsha Sharp Highway and Milwaukee Avenue. This is the perfect place to buy, sell and trade new and pre-loved items. Flip through records, discover reads and hunt for collectable trinkets in this second chance store. Trust us when we say you could get lost in the book shelves for hours. Don’t forget to bring your own belongings to trade just in case you find something you can’t live without.

Josey Books & Records

Josey Books & Records is nestled in Rockridge Plaza off of 82nd Street and Slide Road. As soon as guests walk in the doors, they are greeted with rows of albums and stacks of books ready to be chosen by browsing buyers. Offering new and old products, you will be sure to find timeless pieces of art. Be sure to check out their turntables and speakers section to amplify your experience!

Let us know what record and book store gems you find in the “Hub City” by tagging @visitlubbock and using #LiveLoveLubbock in your posts on social media. We can’t wait to see what you find in store!


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