August 29, 2013


Our chat with Country music singer Josh Abbott

Things have really come together for the Idalou native and Texas Tech grad, Josh Abbott. Today, Abbott and his band have climbed up the ranks and into the hearts of country music fans all over the country. Luckily for us, Abbott has always been great to his followers in Lubbock, Texas.

Photo by: Ambiance Artists

Photo by: Ambiance Artists

We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his upcoming stop in the “Hub City” for JABFest on September 28, 2013. Here’s what he had to say.

What can fans expect at this year’s JABfest?

JA: Fans can expect a very different approach to country music. The first 5 bands all have a very alternative approach in their sound and I think they’re very talented. As always, the bands on the lineup are bands I listen to so I think that’s cool for fans to get that shared experience. And then of course closing it out with us is a fellow Tech alum Wade Bowen. It’s a fantastic lineup!

Can you describe the feeling you get on stage when you play in Lubbock?

JA: Taking the stage in Lubbock is always this satisfying feeling of knowing I’m home and knowing that people from my area are proud of me. It’s a huge bonus too for my parents and friends still around the area to come out. And of course, at some point a “Raider Power” chant breaks out!

What is it like being able to bring together artists like Wade Bowen, The Dirty River Boys and other up-and-coming acts? Do you all ever jam out together?

JA: Again, I think it’s neat for me to share my favorite bands with Lubbock/West Texas fans who may not have gotten to hear them. Obviously most people have heard of Wade but the others are still trying to get that exposure and I’m happy to help. We might just have to do a big jam at the end!

What is your favorite part about bringing JABfest to cities across the state?

JA: Sharing my favorites with our fans

Do you plan on playing any new music at this year’s JABfest in Lubbock?

JA: Not sure. Maybe one new one. But definitely playing some older stuff we don’t normally play.

For the fan that’s never seen you in concert before, what is the one reason why they should come out and see you at JABfest 2013?

JA:There’s something special about our band’s music and how it relates to the crowd. I think anyone coming for the first time will notice and appreciate that aspect as well as our show. And there’s usually a lot of cute girls! Haha!

Save the date and get your tickets now for a show that will have you dancing out of your boots!



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