Must-Try Festive Fall Brews

Written By Lacie Freelen

November 16, 2020

Hello, coffee fanatics! This one is for you. If you are anything like me and coffee is one of your five major food groups, you’ve come to the right place. I set out on a caffeine-filled adventure through “Hub City” to find my favorite fall blends. What’s better than seasonal coffee and knowing exactly where to get it? Nothing! 

The first stop on my jittery journey was The Lobby by Sugar Browns located downtown in the McDougal Building. The ambiance of this modern coffee shop was enough to make me stick around all morning. I chose the very popular Butter Pecan Latte. I’m more of an iced-coffee girl, but this can be enjoyed hot as well. This cup of fall Heaven was nothing less than perfect. Below the delicious toppings of thick whipped cream and chopped pecans awaited a sweet and creamy blend of flavors. Your taste buds will be overcome with buttery, mocha magic. This coffee is sweet but not overpowering, making it the perfect fit for anyone. 

For my next stop, I decided to venture over to Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters. Wanting to switch things up here and go against my usual sweet, iced order, I was pleasantly surprised. I got the Cafe de Olla, a delicious pour over with cinnamon-based syrup. This delicious cup of coffee is perfect if you prefer a simple brew that is not as sweet. Being a seasonal blend, this is the perfect choice for a subtle fall taste that isn’t too overwhelming. 

Monomyth Coffee was next on this brewing adventure. The Sweet and Salty Cold Brew caught my eye, and it did not disappoint. The name says it all. This coffee was the perfect amount of both sweet and salty. The caramel drizzle along the edge of the cup added an additional sweet kick into every sip. If you aren’t feeling festive yet, this thick and creamy cold brew will put you have you sold with the first sip. 

My last stop was J&B Coffee. I thought it was only fitting to add a little pumpkin into my day. For my final cup of brew, I indulged in a Pumpkin White Mocha. I am not kidding when I say this was the epitome of fall. The mocha and pumpkin flavors are the perfect pair for anyone with a roaring sweet tooth. The pumpkin spices on top not only add an extra punch of flavor but make the coffee look that much more inviting. If you’re on the hunt to taste the perfect cup of fall, I highly suggest giving this a try! 

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