Lubbock Through the Lens of a Local: Mikayla Dawn Chaparro

Written By Guest Blogger

June 25, 2021

By: Mikayla Dawn Chaparro

Hey y’all! I’m Mikayla, CEO of Mikayla Dawn Photography. I was born and raised here in Lubbock Texas and now have a family of my own – four kiddos and a hubby, to be exact.

Sometimes as a photographer it can be tempting to envy other photographers who live in places one would consider “picturesque”. Where they abound in beautiful places to shoot. Let’s be honest, Lubbock is no Colorado, Hawaii, or California. 

But to me, Lubbock has made me a better photographer. We may not have endless options, but what I’ve loved about the Lubbock landscape is that I’ve been forced to explore it. I oftentimes load my kids up, grab them a Sonic corn dog, and me an iced coffee, and hit the road. We go down the back roads and back alleys, searching for neat new pockets of the area.

I’ve discovered hidden rivers that remind me of the hill country, beautiful endless fields that when kissed by sunset are a golden-hour lovers dream. I’ve stumbled tree-filled parks with blossoms and fluttering butterflies. And, one of my all time favorites has been the red-rock canyons that hug the outskirts of Lubbock. 

We have so many different landscapes that fill this simple city. Lubbock truly offers so much beauty to behold, if you only just look for it. 

This is why I love shooting in Lubbock. It offers so much, and yet asks so little of us. It forces creativity to come from within, and asks of me to be a better artist. And, because of Lubbock, I am. 


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