Lubbock Through the Lens of a Local: LBK Underwater Photographer, Ash Blythe

Written By Guest Blogger

August 02, 2021

Lubbock is probably the absolute LAST place you would think of when you think about water and swimming. So how on earth does an underwater photographer make sense as someone who can showcase our corner of the world?

I’m a cold rainy weather girl at heart, and usually during the summer I board up all my windows and live in a dark unlit home so I can keep my AC below 72 degrees without running up the electric bill too much! But that’s not super effective so I had to find another way to cool off (And maybe also find a way to pay for keeping the AC that low 😝)

I’m not the only one who finds the pool an acceptable solution to the heat either, and getting pictures of summer from the perspective of being under the water in the pool rather than just above it is so different from what you normally get to see and do! I love getting to work with kids in the water because they actually ENJOY having their pictures taken and they aren’t trying to run away and jump in the mud while wearing nice clothes! 

Swimming pools have a simple background, which allows me to focus on the subject, the people. I get to see the personalities and skills that define Lubbock and make it what it is. So while the LBK may not be your first thought for water, I love that even though it’s so dry and dusty, we can still find the joy and fun that water brings through swimming pools!


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