Lubbock Libations: Famous Cocktails in the “Hub City”

Written By Lacie Freelen

June 07, 2021

We visited the top taverns in the 806 to sip on craft cocktails and try out the best boozy drinks in the LBK. Whether it’s a shot of tequila or an old fashioned whiskey, follow my lead and raise a glass to local favorite cocktails in the “Hub City”!

La Sirena
La Sirena offers an intimate, eclectic vibe and a bar menu that is as cultured as the house cuisine. If you like tequila or mezcal, this is the spot for you. I recommend the House Margarita with a cinnamon rim or the Verano Mule. This popular bar will give you a taste of Latin America with every sip.

If you’re a free spirit who enjoys sipping spirits, try out the Flippers model of Lubbock’s famous drink: The Hippie Chilton. This elderflower infused spritzer is the ideal refresher for a flower child on a sunny day in the LBK.

Funky Door
The Funky Door offers a low-light ambiance, live music and local libations for you and all of your friends. If you want the perfect mix of sweet and spicy, order the Angry Paloma. This summer sipper packs the perfect punch for a night out on the patio. If you are searching for more of a local drink that pays homage to Lubbock’s evolving culture, (and, no, it’s not the Chilton) try out Funky Door’s Brooklyn Heights. This savory, smokey libation is unique and a must-try when you visit the “Hub City”.

Dirk’s in downtown Lubbock has more to offer than fried chicken. This bar is capable and innovative with its creative and extensive drink menu. If you’re looking for a tropical taste, No. 25 is a crowd favorite for the warm months ahead. Lime, coconut milk and rum mixes seamlessly for summer.

Pro tip: Oder a Chachi shot for the smoothest orange, cinnamon tequila concoction in the LBK.

Manhattan 9
With the whisper of a password, this local speakeasy will have you stepping back in time to 1920’s New York City. With a comprehensive list of classic cocktails, you can’t go wrong with any order. We highly recommend Manhattan 9’s iconic smokey old fashion made from barrel aged whiskey and brown sugar simple syrup. So sophisticated. So secretive.

Bier Haus
Patio? Check. Pup friendly? Check. For those who want to channel their inner child, try the CapriFun at Bier Haus on Broadway. A simple fruit punch concoction that is sure to make you feel carefree and full of summertime nostalgia.

Whether you are a college student making weekend plans or visiting the city for the weekend, Lubbock’s diverse alcohol menu features drinks for all palates and experience levels. Share your favorite Lubbock Libation with us on social media using #LiveLoveLubbock! Cheers!


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