Local Artist: Lubbock Brewmaster Daniel Badillo

Written By McKenna Dowdle

March 08, 2021

We sat down with an up-and-coming local brewmaster, Daniel Badillo, to discuss all things beer! As a new business owner, Badillo gives us a glimpse into his experience opening a craft brewery, Mano Negra Brewing Co., in the “Hub City.” Check below for a look into Lubbock’s art of craft beer.

Why choose Lubbock as your place to plant your businesses’ roots?
Lubbock is virgin (a virgin market for craft beer). Lubbock has the potential to expand culturally. Back home in Puerto Rico, we have a lot of cultural influence from Spain, Africa, Caribbean, places that are not as highly represented in Lubbock. There are a lot of people in Lubbock that want something different. Why does the First Friday Art Trail and the farmer’s market get so packed? Because there’s always something different. The necessity of the people to have something from a different culture is what drives my business.

How is it being a Lubbock business owner in the current climate?
The support of the local people has kept me going. In big cities, you don’t get that type of close-knit community support like you do in Lubbock. Without that, we wouldn’t be here.

How do visitors to Lubbock impact your business?
At the farmer’s market we see a lot of visitors. When they come, they’re surprised to find a place like our’s in Lubbock that reminds them of something they see back home. Even though they may think Lubbock is just some small town in West Texas, we’re able to show them what Lubbock is becoming.

What are your future plans for your business?
Right now, open. Secondly, brand awareness and expanding into local restaurants. Down the road, a larger brewhouse. It’s all about the people and building the community.


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