Local Artist: Joy Harris

Written By McKenna Dowdle

February 16, 2021

We sat down with a local musician, Joy Harris, for a look into the music community in Lubbock, Texas! Take a look below for her insight on what it means to be an artist and musician in the “Hub City”!

Where do you draw inspiration?
Life and people inspire me. In my view, it is my task on this journey to express life musically. Music is powerful and I want to use that power for good.

Describe Lubbock’s music scene vibe compared to other places you’ve lived or played.
Lubbock’s music scene is a hidden gem! Otherwise, I would not still be here. The pioneering West Texas spirit is alive and well in the music community. I have been encouraged and supported on my journey. I am grateful for the legacy and the ability to talk to those who have built the scene so far, and get advice on how to continue building. I also love that I am free and encouraged to build what I want to see! I felt a strong sense of community in other places that I have played, but Lubbock’s music scene seems to be more close-knit.

How can visitors see/experience your work?
If you want to check out what I’m doing around town, you can check me out on Facebook.  You could search for my page or also a page called “I Love Lubbock Music”. I play every first Friday of the month at the West table, and at Burklee Hill Vineyards on Wednesdays. I love playing private parties, backyard parties or concerts. Feel free to contact me at Harrisjoy95@gmail.com to see where I will be, or get booking information!


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