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Written By Visit Lubbock Interns

April 20, 2022

By: Camille Hughes

Calling all soup fanatics here in the 806! Take a look at our list below of must-try Asian soups throughout the city. Eash local gem serves up the perfect bowl to satisfy all of your international cuisine cravings Pho-llow along with us and try not to get too hungry as you read! 

Pho District 1

Check out the newest pho spot in town, Pho District 1. Ask for their Pho Dac Biet that is prepared with beef variations and brisket, as well as fresh ingredients. This tasty soup is just one of the many succulent options on their menu.

Ramen Shack

For all of the ramen lovers out there, this is the perfect place to enjoy handmade ramen in Lubbock. While the Ramen Shack started off as a food truck, it quickly became a local favorite and guests can now enjoy the brick and mortar location in Wolforth, TX, just 10 minutes from downtown Lubbock. Try out their Miso Ramen with flavors of pork, onion, chicken broth along with all the traditional toppings you love.

Fun Noodle Bar

Fun Noodle Bar is a sweet spot for the food scene here in Lubbock. This spicy restaurant serves Asian cuisine that everyone will love. It’s the perfect lunch date with some dumplings or Wonton soup that will leave you wanting just one more bite.

Thai Kitchen

Thai Kitchen is a welcoming, family-owned restaurant that has been in Lubbock since 2016. This restaurant has a passion for both its guests and delicious Thai dishes that are made with fresh ingredients and spices. You can’t go wrong with their Green and Red Curry, which can be made to the spice level of your liking. Try it hot if you’re feeling brave! 

Bangkok Thai 

Bangkok Thai is a 34th Street favorite that has the hearts of local Thai lovers who enjoy the authentic flavors. Whether you’re wanting to dine in or get takeout as you cozy up at home, you will be coming back for more as soon as your plate is empty. Try their Tom Kha Gai, a spicy and sour hot soup with coconut milk. 

Thai Pepper

Thai Pepper is yet another local Thai staple that is family-owned. With arguably the best Pad Thai in town, it’s a no brainer to order mild, medium, or hot. If you’re looking to spice it up, order the Volcano soup with beef, broccoli, and cabbage. 


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