In The Spotlight: Lubbock Moonlight Musicals 

Written By Visit Lubbock Interns

July 25, 2023

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By: Annie Kinnison

Lubbock Moonlight Musicals, founded in 2005 by Gerald Dolter and his wife Karen, emerged from a desire to provide on-stage experience for Texas Tech University students and a local venue for the South Plains community, with over 30 productions staged at the Wells Fargo Amphitheatre in Mackenzie Park since its inaugural production of Oklahoma! in August 2006. Creating a relaxed and inviting ambiance where audience members can enjoy performances while bringing their own lawn chairs and picnics, Moonlight Musicals is now a summer and fall staple.

The atmosphere of Lubbock Moonlight Musicals is enchantingly unique as an outdoor theater situated on the outskirts of Mackenzie Park, where the summer breeze brings a refreshing coolness to the evening performances.

The June run of Hello Dolly in Lubbock, where the Visit Lubbock team had the opportunity to meet the actors and experience their lively personalities and passion, left us excited for the upcoming shows this season.

See what performances you can catch on your next visit to Lubbock:

The Little Mermaid Jr. – July 13-15

The Little Mermaid musical, based on the classic Disney movie, tells the enchanting tale of Ariel, a curious and free-spirited mermaid princess who dreams of exploring the world above the sea. With memorable songs, captivating characters, and a magical underwater setting, this musical adventure celebrates love, self-discovery and the power of following one’s dreams.

Oklahoma! – August 3-19 

Oklahoma! is a classic musical set in the early 1900s, depicting the love story between a headstrong farm girl, Laurey, and a charming cowboy, Curly, amidst the backdrop of the Oklahoma Territory. Filled with lively songs, spirited dances and themes of romance and frontier life, this beloved musical explores the triumphs and challenges of love and community in a time of change.

Matilda – October 6-21

Matilda tells the story of a brilliant young girl who uses her intelligence and resilience to overcome obstacles, including her neglectful parents and a tyrannical headmistress, while inspiring her kind-hearted teacher, Miss Honey, and her fellow students. This captivating musical celebrates the power of imagination, friendship and the indomitable spirit of a young girl determined to create her own destiny.

Secure your spot for the shows through this link! Share your memories made at Moonlight Musicals with us using #LiveLoveLubbock. 


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