How to Tip Your Hat like a True West Texan

Written By Katherine White

May 25, 2018


West Texas is known for its wide-open spaces, sprawling cattle ranches and farms and a distinct charm that you’ll find throughout the region. From learning how to do the two step to getting your own pair of custom cowboy boots, there are all sorts of ways you can experience West Texas in the “hub” of it all. Check out these five ways to get a true taste of cowboy culture in Lubbock.

  • Learn How to Two-Step

Kick start your dancing venture at the Absolute Dance Studio, where professional instructor Acencio Garcia gives private and group lessons on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Don’t have a partner for the class? Come anyway! Once you’re ready, show off your shuffle on these local dance floors: Charley B’s, The Blue Light Live and Chances R Nightclub.

  • Get Your Own Pair of Custom Boots

If you really want to play the part, get your very own pair of custom boots at B G Leather Shop and Custom Boots. Bootmaker Brad Glenn has been crafting custom boots at his shop in the Cactus Alley Courtyard since 2012. Stop in and he’ll take measurements of your feet to customize the wooden last (foot mold) so your new boots fit like a well-worn glove. Choose all the details you want—square or round toe, working heel or dress heel, height of tops, materials, colors, and custom details. Brad even adds his own touch by stitching the Psalm 119:105 bible verse into the soles of each boot. Since all of his stitch patterns are hand-drawn, your pair of boots will be completely unique to you.

  • Visit the National Ranching Heritage Center

A great way to experience the history of ranching in West Texas is by a visit to the National Ranching Heritage Center. Walk through the 19-acre Proctor Historic Park to discover what life was like on the Western frontier. Check out the DeVitt Mallett Museum’s collection of cowboy boots worn by famous figures, wagons and Native American artifacts. The impressive artwork on the walls and the life-sized bronze statues in the J.J. Gibson Memorial Park tell the stories of the ranchers who made Lubbock the city it is today.

  • Get Your Barbecue Fix 

Whether its monstrous beef ribs at Evie Mae’s or tender brisket at The Shack, West Texas is home to true, flavorful barbecue. Savoring this well-known cuisine is a right of passage for any West Texan, and visitors leave impressed by made-from-scratch desserts like strawberry pie and coconut cream as well as traditional sides like potato salad and beans.

  • Tip Your Custom Hat

The wide-brimmed cowboy hat is an iconic symbol; it’s an essential piece of every cowboy’s wardrobe. As the crowning jewel, a custom creation is the best way to go when dressing the part. At Flint Boot & Hat Shop, cowboys choose the felt quality and color, brim size, crown height, shape and more. Expert hat maker Jared Coffelt will craft the desired crease whether it be a personal preference or an inspired look such as  the “George Strait crease” and “The Gus” from Lonesome Dove.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, stop in for a custom-creased straw hat—you’ll be out of there within 20 minutes.

Now that you’re a full fledged cowboy, share your love for the West using our hashtag #LiveLoveLubbock.


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