Experience Lubbock Like a Local With These Locally-Sourced Products

Written By McKenna Dowdle

March 29, 2021

Experience the “Hub City” like a Lubbockite by trying products which are sourced and produced right here on the Caprock. Whether you have a sweet tooth for local honey and jam or prefer a salty mix of peanuts and pecans, Lubbock has it all. From coffee beans to vodka, sit back, relax, and taste the “Hub City” through each product carefully crafted by a local themself.

Take home a taste of Lubbock that is as sweet as our southern hospitality with our locally-made honey from The Orchards, a local apple orchard just north of Lubbock. This sweet spread pairs perfectly with a scone or fry bread.

Sooo Granola, LLC
Being gluten-free, nut-free, and organic are just the cherry on top of this delectable granola. Sooo Granola, LLC is made with the finest all-natural ingredients to add a nutritious crunch to your morning routine! With a splash of your favorite milk and a spoonful of berries, or topped onto a sweet vanilla yogurt, this is the perfect breakfast or snack to jumpstart your day.

Kelle B Jammin’
There is something about opening a can of homemade jelly that gives off the homey feeling. And, in Lubbock, we want to make you feel right at home! Kelle B is jammin’ up a delectable selection of artisanal jams that serves as the perfect spread on your favorite piece of toast or included into the filling of a crepe. Choose from the selection of sweet, spicy or salty and get ready to pop off the lid and devour by the spoonful!

Pinkerton’s Distillery
Feel the burn of the West Texas sun bottled in each glass of Pinkerton’s Platinum Vodka and Gold Rum. There is a reason it’s featured in libations like Burn Vodka, a spicy shot that turns up the heat with the feature of a Chocolate Habanero pepper. Each sip of a cocktail or throwback of a shot burns more than the last. This isn’t for the faint of heart. For a chance to taste this award-winning concoction, if you are up for the challenge, visit the Blue Light Live! today!

Located in one of the most agriculture regions in the nation, Lubbock grows potatoes for major snacking companies like Shearers. Grab a bag of Shearer’s potato chips to experience the taste of the Texas High Plains. 

Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters
A specialty coffee roastery, Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters creatively blends the highest quality beans in every sip. Visit their location in Cactus Alley to take home a bag of beans to brew at home! We recommend the Cordillera Del Fuego. If you can’t see the common trend of spicy, Lubbock turns up the heat to match the blazing West Texas sun. The coffee is no different. With notes of cinnamon, red apple, and vanilla, this blend packs the perfect combination of sweet and spice with a little bit of kick.

Pecan Ridge
As the hub of “Hub City” made products, this local pecan shelling facility is a must-try when visiting Lubbock! We highly recommend the candied pecans. You can thank us later.  As you step into the facility on 114th Street, try not to be overwhelmed with everything it has to offer. From packets of nuts to other local products offered, theis in your one-stop-shop to finding the perfect souvenir to take home. The only thing we ask is that you give the sweet little pup who wanders the floor a pat on the head on your way out!

Local Art
Not only is Lubbock known for its artisan culinary and brews scene, it also fosters an inspiring environment for talented creatives like Daley, owner and creator of Pen & Stem. As the first Cultural Arts District in the Lone Star State, the creative genius of local artists is as vast and diverse as the South Plains landscape. Through a variety of mediums, local art is on display 24/7, whether you are driving downtown and take in a beautiful mural or visit the LHUCA Art Market inside their galleries, or are perusing the farmers market! Take in the 806 through the lens, eyes, minds and hands of Lubbock artists.

Lubbock takes pride in being a beacon of the entrepreneurial spirit. With a plethora of mom-and-pop brick and mortars to local restaurants and even products featured at the weekend farmers market, the community support of Lubbock entrepreneurs and small business owners is what keeps Lubbock’s integrity as the charming “small town” while boasting the growth and development of a booming metroplex. If there is one thing Lubbock does right, it’s always turning back to its roots. Experience the culture of the “Hub City” through each item listed above during your next stay in Lubbock, Texas.


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