April 21, 2016


For art lovers in Lubbock, the Charles Adams Gallery shines bright. Having been in business since 1982, owner Charles Adams has a knack for what keeps a gallery thriving over many years. We caught up with Adams to learn more about this famous Lubbock landmark and what makes it truly unique to Lubbock.

What is the history of the gallery?
I am a third generation Lubbockite, and moved to New York City, where I had a gallery for 10 years. I decided to move back to Lubbock in 1982 and opened my first Lubbock gallery on Broadway that same year. Shortly after, I moved the gallery to the Kingsgate Shopping Center, where it lived for 15 years, and now I am in the Lubbock Arts District and have been for the past four years.

What makes the Charles Adams Gallery unique?
The gallery is unique because it showcases some of the best regional talent. We are also a full-service gallery providing framing for the public, written appraisals for insurance, tax and estate purposes as well as free verbal appraisals for anyone who walks in with pieces of art that they need to know more about. We can even hook you up with a first class art installer.

Charles Adams Gallery

Charles Adams Gallery

Why is this a must-see for Lubbock visitors?
We are in the heart of all the gallery spaces, public art workshops, artists studios and performance spaces that are continuing to be built in support of the arts in this region. It’s a great area to be in in Lubbock.

Can you talk about the exhibits, both visiting and permanent, that are at or have come through the gallery?
We show our artists’ work throughout their careers so you can see them grow and change. The art in the gallery revolves over time as pieces are sold and as our artists produce new work.

Talk more about the CASP project you have built over the years.
My 40 some years as a gallery owner led me directly into my latest adventure. Five years ago I founded CASP, the Charles Adams Studio Project. CASP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to build and maintain working studio spaces for artists in Lubbock’s new Arts District. CASP has built four live/work studios at 1010 Mac Davis Lane. This is an Artist-In-Residence program that allows local and visiting artists the opportunity to live and work in the middle of the Lubbock Arts District. Artists revolve through this residency program every four months to two years.



CASP has also redone the old City of Lubbock police garage at the corner of 5th Street and Avenue J into a series of work studios and galleries. We call it the 5&J Studios. It houses the Helen DeVitt Jones Print Studio, a public print studio for etching, engraving, silk screen, lithographs and letter press. It also houses the CH Foundation Metals Studio, a public work studio giving the public access to otherwise expensive equipment like slip rollers, box and pan break, large benders, drill presses, grinders, gas forge along with several types of welders and plasma cutters.

5&J Studios

5&J Studios

CASP is giving the Lubbock arts scene facilities that don’t even exist in some major cities. Santa Fe, Dallas and Houston are just starting to talk about developing what we already have up and running. When an art student graduates from a university, they instantly lose the facilities and tools needed to continue doing their work. CASP is stepping into that breach so that our talent doesn’t have to leave to be able to produce their work.

To learn more about  the project, visit casp-arts.org.

Charles Adams Gallery Quick Facts:

To learn more about Lubbock’s bustling arts scene, go to visitlubbock.org/art.


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