CRE-806: Kelly Reyna

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October 11, 2021

By: Stacy Keith

Kelly Reyna, gallery owner, college professor and mom, is a dynamic force in the Lubbock arts industry.  You may have seen her work as a popular muralist throughout the “Hub City,” including at the local favorite, Picoso’s Mexican Kitchen, and at the newly opened brick and mortar location for the beloved Tamale Lady.

Kelly graduated with her master’s in fine arts (MFA) from Texas Tech University (TTU) in December 2019. She had a vision to open a gallery space in Lubbock for lesser-known artists to share their work.  The perfect location nestled in the Cultural Arts District on Mac Davis Drive became available and Kelly quickly began tearing out carpet and repainting floors and walls to prepare the space for use. 

Once completed, her beloved home studio was moved into the new gallery, giving ample room to not only display her pieces, but to work and teach as well.  When she is not creating, Kelly is teaching courses at Lubbock Christian University (LCU) and TTU.  It has become a passion of hers to help in the development of young talent though her classes.

Kelly is also passionate about bringing awareness to lesser-known talent in Lubbock. With a mission to assist underrepresented artists and foster the support of autistic and neuro-diverse families through the arts, her recently opened gallery, Grey Edges Studio, inspires people of all walks of life.

Many aspiring local artists work out of home studios and are in need of a venue to showcase their work.  By offering gallery space and providing networking opportunities, Kelly has a lasting impact on many new artisans who have not had the opportunity or space to exhibit their art.

When visiting the studio, guests will be immersed in the culture and beauty of many communities found among our Lubbock family. A focal point of the studio is her tribute mural, Viva Lubbock! This colorful painting of Frida Kahlo invites all people to her warm and welcoming art space. 

Kelly also tributes the Autism community as a tribute to her son, who is the center of her life and inspiration for her creativity.  Through her work and her parenting  – Kelly seeks to make connections with other families who have children with autism and offer them support.  Her dream is to create a non-profit to offer therapy through art, as well as gallery space to families who are experiencing autism.

Kelly also does many commissions for both individuals and businesses.  One of her larger triptych pieces can be seen at the Holy Family Catholic Church in Nazareth, Texas.  If you are interested in viewing Kelly’s work, Grey Edges Gallery offers exhibitions throughout the year featuring a variety of work by her as well as other area artists. 

For more information, visit the Lubbock Cultural Arts Foundation website and Kelly’s Facebook page! 


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