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Written By Maggi Gallaspy

July 06, 2023

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The Start of Home On The Range 

“We love South Overton.”

That’s what Corley L’Etoile had to say about the neighborhood she and her husband have transformed through their rental properties. 

The duo has been the heart behind Lubbock’s Home On The Range since its establishment in 2015. Their passion for all things Hub City history comes through in the unique flair of each home. 

If you’re looking for a boutique, exquisitely curated stay in Lubbock, read on to hear more about the renovated restings owned by Home On The Range. 

When The Peggy Sue opened its doors in January 2016, it became the first full-house Airbnb in the city of Lubbock. What started as a passion project for the husband and wife team sparked the beginning of Airbnb culture in the 806 and landed Corley an invite to Airbnb headquarters.

Corley with Airbnb Founders in 2019

You read that right! In 2019, Corley was honored as one of the best-of-the-best Superhosts since the launch of the Airbnb program. Shortly before, Airbnb published a report on the most wish-listed listings in Texas’ top 50 cities, and The Peggy Sue came in at number 11. 

It’s safe to say the love for Home On The Range properties has continued to flourish. As of June 2022, the company has hosted nearly 9,000 guests across 4 homes. 

A Look Inside

Corley’s love for Western art, supporting local businesses and design details make each property an escape within themselves. Because the homes in South Overton are all around a century old, the design of each house is a blend of historic and modern elements. 

From pieces by local artist Dirk Fowler to the addition of the living room statement couch from the Historic Driskill Hotel in Downtown Austin, you can feel the intention behind each style choice as soon as you open the door to any Home On The Range property.

One of the neatest additions hangs on the dining room wall inside The Rattler. 

The Rattler, Photo Courtesy of Home On The Range

“Those photographs were taken by my great grandfather who was a photographer during World War II,” Corley said. “The Army confiscated the majority of his photos when he was on the beach at Normandy.”

The doors, knobs and flooring throughout The Rattler and light fixtures in the dining area are all original to the home which adds to the charming Western character carried throughout. 

While we only got to tour the newest edition of Home On The Range while talking to Corley, she walked us through the inspiration for each home. Take a peek inside the properties below:

The Future of Home On The Range

Corley and her husband have built a business from the ground up that pays homage to their time in West Texas. While the company is currently undergoing a shift in ownership to another local renting operation, CKMB Properties, guests can expect to experience the same southern hospitality as always.

The Peggy Sue, The Sawyer, The Sawyer Guesthouse and The Rattler were the original Home On The Range properties. With the new ownership, 5 additional homes will be available to rent, meaning there are more opportunities to stay in one of Lubbock’s most sought-after, short-term rentals.

You can stay up to date on all things Home On The Range by following the company on Instagram.

If you’re planning a trip to the 806, check out our full list of local Airbnbs! Don’t forget to share your stay using #LiveLoveLubbock.


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