A Sip of West Texas: A look into one of the region’s most successful family-run vineyards

Written By Maggi Gallaspy

September 08, 2023

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Located forty-three miles southwest of Lubbock, a family-run winery with a rich history is settled over 400 acres in the Texas High Plains AVA. 

The region grows over 85% of Texas’ wine grape production, and Reddy Vineyards has contributed to that notoriety for over two decades.

The story of Reddy Vineyards, rooted deep in the soil of the High Plains, started as a fifth-generation farmer’s passion in the lush terrain of South India. 

With a Ph.D. in soil sciences and plant physiology, Dr. Vijay Reddy discovered a hidden gem: the premium quality of grapes in the Texas High Plains. It was then, in 1997, that Dr. Reddy decided to plant his first grapevine, one that would lead to several gold medals.

Now, 26 years later, his son Akhil is following in his footsteps.

In the midst of vines ready for harvest, through the whisper of the West Texas wind, wine enthusiasts will get a taste of the purpose behind Reddy Vineyards– family. 

“My dad is truly an expert at what he does, and many people in the industry consider him the pioneer of fine Texas grape-growing,” Akhil said. 

While practicing cosmetic dentistry, Akhil completed the UC Davis Wine Executive program and went from a kid who made the family farm his playground to stepping into the role of CEO at Reddy Vineyards in 2022. 

After many years of successful grape growing for clients, Akhil decided it was time to open the family’s estate winery. 

“We wanted to make some really beautiful wine,” Akhil said. “We wanted a facility that we can take our grapes to and process them in a really high-end way.”

In 2015, the first vintage at Reddy Vineyards won best in class and double gold medals. Together, the father-son duo now run one of the most diverse vineyards in the state, producing 38 of the world’s most coveted varietals.

Under Akhil’s leadership, the production of health-conscious wine is a priority at the vineyard, and the implementation of Biogenic Amines testing sets the business apart from others in the industry.

With this forward-thinking approach to winemaking, Reddy Vineyards has a full-bodied vision for the future.

“We’re trying to really focus on minimalist winemaking and vineyard growing techniques,” Akhil said. “Our wines are high quality and health conscious blends that we can be proud to put in our bodies.”

The vineyard’s newest program utilizes Pinot Noir grapes in méthode champenoise, a traditional champagne production method for Reddy sparkling wines. 

From vine to glass, the family’s expertise and nod to High Plains culture is something you can taste in each sip.

As harvest season comes to a close, visitors can experience the charm of West Texas and world-renowned fine wine by reserving a private tasting at the boutique vineyard. 


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