A Haunting at the Winery: English Newsom Cellars

Written By McKenna Dowdle

October 20, 2021

Trebbiano, Dry Muscat, Red Wine Blend, oh my! Whether you are planning a festive night in, attending the Haunted Cellars at English Newsom Cellars, hosting a sPoOkY party, or looking for something to sip on as you cater to the frightening trick-or-treaters, English Newsom has you covered.

On October 23 and 30, the beloved winery on the outskirts of town transforms into a night out that is not for the faint of heart. As guests enter through the caution taped doors, they are welcomed by the ghosts of harvests past. Each blood splattered hallway directs thrill-seeking wine lovers through the Haunted Cellars. A night of urban legends and tall tales exaggerated by the vino, hold tight to your comfort wine, and enter if you dare.

Speaking of wine! With a line of reds, whites and blends ideal for the holiday festivities, there are more than enough options to give us the precise amount of liquid courage to brave these hallowed halls or pair with our favorite seasonal treats. Sweet tooths, beware!

So, it’s time to break into the kids’ candy loot. We won’t tell! From amateur to sophisticated palates, English Newsom vino is always complementary with your favorite childhood candy, sweet or sour! Take a look below for our top recommendations.

Wicked White Trebbiano

This moonlight concoction will send your taste buds on an enchanted trip through flavors of white peach, basil, green apple, and seashell. This wine pairs fantastically with a gourmet  caramel apple. Eat if you dare! This pairing is wicked-good!

Bottle Price: $23

Haunted Cellars Dry Muscat

The Haunted Cellars Dry Muscat is a versatile wine that has startling orange blossom flavors and color! This wine would pair well with the supernatural, cinnamon spice of Hot Tamales or chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Hair-raising notes of jasmine would cloak dark chocolate in subtle sweetness and honeysuckle will subdue the acidity of ghostly, white goat cheese. Be careful! These sensations are likely to linger and could haunt your ride home… 

Bottle Price: $23

Harvest Moon Red Wine Blend

The Harvest Moon is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Fire burn and cauldron bubble! The deep fruit flavor in the dazzling Harvest Moon Red Blend will balance the savory essence and texture. One sip will surely cast a spell on you and a few glasses could have you acting a little strange! It is safe to say that this wine is spell-binding, spine-tingling and more spook-tacular than the rest. We recommend sipping on this as you indulge in your favorite chocolate candy bar! 

Bottle Price: $30

Raise a glass to the paranormal and enjoy a night out at our favorite adult trick-or-treating event!


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