A Complete Guide to Fishing in Lubbock

Written By McKenna Dowdle

June 16, 2022

Whether you are an expert angler or beginning to dabble with throwing a line in the water, Lubbock, Texas offers all skill levels of fisherman a thrilling time on the lake. With an average 265 days of sunshine and access to multiple bodies of water, fly fishermen and those reeling in from the boat or on shore will find the “Hub City” to be quite the catch! Take a look below for the complete guide to fishing in Lubbock. 

Where to Go
Lubbock boasts a diverse selection of fishing hot spots from residential lakes to large bodies of water throughout the region, including the Historic Dunbar Lake in the Manhattan Heights neighborhood and Buffalo Springs Lake near Ransom Canyon. Each lake or river allows all types of fishers to experience the adrenaline rush of reeling in the prized catch of the day.

Residential Lakes
The age-old secret tells us fish like to bite at either sunrise or sunset, making Lubbock an ideal fishing destination with the opportunity to cast out only 15 minutes away, maximum. We recommend making a visit to one of our residential parks like the Buddy Holly Recreation Area which is north of Cesar Chavez Drive and University Ave, and Maxey Park at 30th Street and Nashville Avenue. In these lakes, you will mostly find them stocked with Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout and Channel Catfish. The City of Lubbock highly encourages catch-and-release fishing to ensure all fishers are able to enjoy a day on the lake! 

Pro tip: For those who prefer boat fishing, battery-powered boats, kayaks and canoes are permitted at Maxey Park. Just be sure to get a boat license!

Mae Simmons Park
With its close proximity to the Historic Dunbar lake, we recommend Mae Simmons Park for the frequent fly fishers. Its consistent flow of water and narrow banks make for great casting. 

The Historic Dunbar Lake
Dunbar Lake is a great option for those looking to take a smaller-sized boat out or fish from the banks. With over 268 acres of water from Lubbock’s Canyon Lakes system and access on both the east and west sides of M.L.K. Blvd., those who are looking to catch and release bass, catfish or crappie will be pleased with what’s on the end of their hook.

Make a day of it and pack a lunch to enjoy at the picnic tables available for guests to use!

Buffalo Springs Lake
Nestled five miles southeast of Lubbock’s downtown near Ransom Canyon, Buffalo Springs Lake is inviting for all who prefer a day on the water. With a fully operating marina, camping spots, and 240 acres of water, Buffalo Springs Lake is a great option for the whole family. Here you will find the Texas Department of Wildlife has fully stocked the lake with Largemouth and Striped Bass, White Crappie, Sunfish, as well as Flathead and Channel Catfish. Admission into Buffalo Springs Lake is $10 per person. 

Lubbock’s most prominent fish include Catfish, Bass, Crappie and Stripers. Check below for what we have found to be the most successful bait! 

Catfish prefer to eat anything you can get that qualifies as stink bait. Whether it be live worms to other stink bait sold at your local sportsman or pro shop, any of these baits are a “reel” catch.

Largemouth Bass
Because largemouth bass are carnivorous, the best artificial baits tend to be those that mimic their prey. 

This fish can be caught mostly with live bait. From eels, clams, crabs or worms, you will find the most success with these options.

Anyone who has ever tried to catch a Crappie knows how fickle of a fish they can be. A certain bait may work one day, and then the next it is completely ignored. Crappie prefer food like jigs or minnows. Try adding spinners and lures with the color of food they will be eating the season you are going. 

Know Before You Go
Before you head to the lake or river, be sure to check that your boat and fishing licenses are up to date! If they are expired, visit Texas Parks and Wildlife to find a location in Lubbock to renew! For all the best insight to local fishing conditions in real time, swing by Mountain Hideaway. While there, stock up on flies, reels, or anything else you may need to complete your tackle box. 

Share your favorite fishing spots in the LBK with us using #LiveLoveLubbock! Happy fishing!


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