October 10, 2018


There are two types of people in this world: those who pre-plan their Halloween costume months in advance, anxiously awaiting the arrival of pumpkins, haunted houses and the annual screenings of Hocus Pocus on TV. And there are those of us who, truthfully, are only into it for the candy and frantically search our closets just days before All Hallows’ Eve for anything that resembles a costume. This blog is for you last-minute costume scramblers. With Halloween quickly approaching, we’ve put together seven Lubbock-inspired costumes to help you in your eleventh-hour quest.

1. Prairie Dog


Since the “Hub City” is home to the first protected prairie dog colony of its kind, we couldn’t leave these pint-sized critters off the list. To pull off the look, all you need is a brown or tan shirt, a fur vest and a pair of DIY ears. (We made these with a headband and brown grocery bag for less than $3). Acrylic paint whiskers are optional but recommended.
Bonus item: a trip to Prairie Dog Town in Mackenzie Park for inspiration 

2. Cowboy


In Lubbock, we’re proud of our Western heritage. So much so that we were named the No. 1 Western Town for 2016 by True West Magazine. It only makes sense to include a cowboy costume on this list. Since most of us already have a pair boots, all that you need to complete the look is a bandanna, cowboy hat and a pearl snap.
Bonus items: a lasso and a handlebar mustache (real or otherwise)

3. Buddy Holly

shopped Buddy Holly

To rock this look just as hard as Holly himself, all you’ll need are a few key pieces–a cardigan or a blazer, a white button up, bowtie and, of course, Buddy Holly’s signature black-rimmed spectacles. If you’re in need of a little more last-minute inspiration, pop by the Buddy Holly Center and learn more about this pioneer of rock ‘n’ roll before you “Rave On.”
Bonus items: a guitar and a verse and chorus of “Peggy Sue.”

4. Texas Wine Grapes

shopped grapes

With five award-winning wineries in our city limits, and 80 percent of Texas wine grapes grown right here on the South Plains, this DIY grape costume was a must-have on our list. All it takes is two 12-packs of purple balloons, safety pins and a roll of green tulle to create this Lubbock-inspired costume. The best part? It can be made for around $5.
Bonus items: a bottle of your favorite local wine and a visit to www.visitlubbock.org/wine to learn more about Lubbock’s wine scene.


5. Masked Rider

shopped Masked Rider

Throw your tortillas high and get ready for a sight unlike any other! Since 1936, The Masked Rider has triumphed all Texas Tech traditions. You can show up wearing one of the “Most Exciting Lubbock Costume” by scrapping together pieces from Halloweens past. All black attire from Johnny Cash, red cape from Dracula and a hat from V for Vendetta (haven’t heard about that once since 2006).
Bonus items: a stick pony you named Fearless Champion and portable speakers playing Victory Bells and the Fight Song.

6. Glider Pilot

shopped aviator

Did you know Lubbock is home to the Silent Wings Museum? It’s the only museum in the U.S. dedicated to telling the story of the WWII glider program and the pilots who flew the cargo gliders into combat. This Halloween, take out your aviators and channel your inner glider pilot! You can read up on Silent Wings here if you need a little more inspiration.
Bonus items: glider plane replica and captain’s hat (if you’ve already earned your wings).


7. Kliff Kingsbury

shopped kingsbury

We may have gotten this idea from a 10-year old, but it works just as well for adults, too. Once you pair Kingsbury’s slick signature hairstyle with a long-sleeved Under Armour shirt, gray slacks and a pair of Ray Bans, you’ll start making trick plays and dancing like you’re the head coach. If you need some inspiration to get into character, check out a day in the life of our favorite Texas Tech legend.

Bonus Items: an NCAA football and your own naturally-grown stubble (some of us still have to draw it on… even in our 20s).

So go ahead, pick your costume, click RSVP on that Facebook Halloween party invite, and from all of us at Visit Lubbock, Happy Halloween!


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