5 Foodie Favorite Fried Chicken Spots in Lubbock

Written By Maggi Gallaspy

March 28, 2024


Hey, hey, hey! Want some chicken today?

We can’t argue that Raising Cane’s has a killer hook, but sometimes you’re searching for a fried chicken dish with a little more variety. Don’t worry, in Lubbock, there’s no shortage of mouth-watering fried chicken favorites to try. Brunch, lunch and dinner are served:

3715 114th St

Chicken & Waffles may have made a comeback a few years ago, but it’s a complimentary pairing that’s been enjoyed for over a century. And if you’re ordering it at the right place, you’ll understand why.

While The Fresh American is known for its lighter, elevated takes on American classics, its weekend brunch was made for indulging.

Breaded chicken breast, Belgian waffles,
maple syrup and strawberry chutney make up this drool-worthy entree.

Pro Tip: Pair this dish with one of the boozy brunch cocktails like a classic Mimosa or Strawberry Jalapeño Smash. Yum!

9806 Quaker Ave

Lucky us, we can now enjoy Dirk’s legendary fried chicken tenders in South Lubbock.

That’s right! Executive Chef Cameron West is bringing his comfort food flair to Neighborhood F&B, and it doesn’t stop with the childhood favorite dish.

The star of the Chicken Katsu Sando is the marriage of Panko-breaded chicken and a Tonkatsu topping, a savory, Japanese tomato-based sauce. And I can’t forget to mention the mustard slaw which brings the perfect bite of acidity to the dish.

If you’re dining in for dinner, you absolutely cannot miss the opportunity to try the wings. A sensation like no other, these Sichuan peppercorn-dusted fried chicken delights will leave your tongue tingling and your belly begging for more!

Welcome to the neighborhood! It’s a fried chicken-lover’s haven over here.

4414 82nd St #218

This local, family-friendly dive has been serving up fried chicken favorites since 2018. Its known for a lax atmosphere, a stellar Chilton and having a little bit of everything done right on the menu.

From this BBQ Chicken Flatbread, topped with red onion, pineapple and smoked mozzarella, to a traditional Chicken Fried Chicken entree, you can’t go wrong with anything that’s calling your name.

So, if you’re looking for a good place to eat fried chicken, head over to Ike’s, known for its “creative cuisine in a unique, casual setting.”

1636 13th St

A fried chicken roundup doesn’t exist without Dirk’s on the list.

Bone in fried chicken, chicken tenders, Korean Fried Chicken and Nashville Hot Chicken, these staples take up the majority of the main plates menu, and for good reason. They’re simply divine.

In fact, the hotspot’s chicken has become so popular it is also served at its sister restaurants, The Brewery LBK and Neighborhood F&B.

In this modern diner, you’ll find nods to Chef Cameron West’s grandfather, Dirk. The former Lubbock mayor and cartoonist was known for his Texas Tech cartoons in the Avalanche-Journal. Now, while you dine, you can browse some of his collection.

It’s a finger-licking thrill of a time at Dirk’s. Don’t miss out on it!

6801 Milwaukee Ave

For those seeking out a sophisticated dining experience that still provides ultimate comfort food, The Funky Door is for you! It’s a spot where foodies and wine connoisseurs unite and offers an art-forward space for diners to enjoy.

The bistro menu ranges from fan favorite fondues to truffle-infused mac and cheese, but we’re here to talk fried chicken.

And if there’s one fried chicken plate they’re doing right, it’s sandwiches. The Alabama Chicken Sandwich features crispy buttermilk-fried chicken, apple coleslaw and a white BBQ sauce on a jalapeño bun. Even better? It comes with a hot honey sauce perfect for dipping, or, let’s be honest, dunking!

The restaurant also offers a Carolina Hot Chicken Sandwich on the brunch menu. No matter which one you choose, pair it with a side of truffle or cajun fries for the ultimate combo.


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