16 of the Best Chiltons in Lubbock

Written By Maggi Gallaspy

January 24, 2024

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Searching for the best Chilton in Lubbock? We’ve got you covered. Texas Monthly claims the Chilton is “a cocktail as bright and pure as the West Texas sun.” Scroll on to discover 16 of our favorite classics and unique twists on this drink in the Hub City.

The Best Classic Chiltons in Lubbock

Bodine’s Cocktail Parlor

Dark, moody and upscale, Chiltons at this parlor are best served in a cozy booth facing the intimate stage where local artists perform.

Claraboya Scratch Kitchen & Bar

Farm-to-table at the forefront, Claraboya’s Hilton Chilton is refreshingly pleasant. Sip it alongside one of the Southwest-inspired appetizers.


Visitors love to spend a few hours practicing swings and competing with friends in private suites made for year-round entertainment options. Pro Tip: Order a Chilton while you’re there.

Pinkerton’s Distillery

You won’t find a fresher Chilton than at Pinkerton’s. With vodka distilled and bottled in-house, drop in for a tour and sip a Chilton while you’re at it.

The Blue Light

Local and touring artists take the stage at The Blue Light. If you’re searching for a dive bar and music venue in one, enjoying a Chilton here is ideal.

The Brewery LBK

One of the crispest drinks Downtown, The Brewery LBK is doing more than beers right. Stop by and enjoy one on the patio or inside where you’ll find a mouth-watering array of appetizers and mains.

The Midnight Shift

Enjoy a classic Chilton poolside when you stay at the Cotton Court Hotel. If you’re not staying on property, drop in for lunch or dinner.

The Reserve Culinary Tavern

This South Lubbock gem is known for its upscale bar area and eats. Sip on a Chilton while watching your favorite game or trying menu items.

Tom’s Daquiri Place

This hole-in-the-wall bar is next door to The Blue Light. Drop in for a Chilton after a night of music.

The Best Chiltons with a Twist


Watermelon, strawberry or cucumber with a Tajín rim, you seriously can’t go wrong with a Chilton at Chimy’s.

Neighborhood F&B

The incredibly talented bartending team at Neighborhood F&B is always creating innovative takes on classics. Be sure to ask your waiter what Chilton you should try!

Picoso’s Mexican Kitchen

Experience Lubbock’s only Chilton flight. These unique twists on a Chilton take lemon and soda water to a whole new level.

Shotgun Sue’s Saloon

This Old West-inspired saloon is home to the Scusi, a mix of Tito’s Vodka, Limoncello, Galliano, fresh lemon juice and Topo Chico.

The Funky Door

This bistro’s elevated Chilton Royale is a mix of Grey Goose La Poire, St. Germain, lemon and Topo Chico.

The West Table

Classic or elevated, The West Table bartenders can make you something tailored to your taste.

Two Doc’s

Refreshing, crisp, salty and lemon-forward, this beer is the brewery’s take on the local classic. Try this delicious ale!

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