Local LBK

Written By Maggi Gallaspy

July 20, 2020

Local LBK
By: Taylor McAlpine

Since Local LBK’s inception, Visit Lubbock has inspired the work we do. How cool is it that our city has a dedicated organization to show how great our community is? Experiencing Lubbock as explorers have us searching for something new every day. 

I can’t imagine how many inspiring stories and local heroes have been given a platform to share their own experiences in the 806. A few of these conversations include talking with an entrepreneur about how they started their business from a dream, interviewing a musician that performs in boutique theaters and venues while touring throughout the southwest, documenting the creation of a masterpiece in the middle of Lubbock’s Art District or talking shop with a chef who has prepared countless meals from scratch. Each form of art created in the “Hub City” allows guests to appreciate our culture and make memories that will be remembered for a lifetime. It’s stories like these that motivated our creation of Local LBK. 

If you are reading this blog it probably means you’re a fan of Lubbock and want to experience everything we have to offer. Visit Lubbock is a great resource to feel like a tourist in your own town, or feel like a local as a visitor, by keeping up with events and other fun happenings. The “Hub City” and surrounding areas are full of amazing people, places, and passions that I know anyone can find to enjoy. 

That is why we have partnered with Visit Lubbock to help not just tourists but our fellow Lubbockites experience Lubbock while saving money and supporting our community!

“Tell me, Taylor, how does that work?” Well, thank you kind blog reader for asking! We have just launched the Local LBK app! The Local LBK app is a community resource to keep up with events and features a killer directory of 80+ local and independent organizations that are working together to make Lubbock the unique and diverse city it truly is!

From there we have built a program that gives you access to exclusive rewards and discounts to each of our members! For a monthly subscription fee of just $5, you get access to these rewards, member-only events and become part of a community of people that are actively shaping Lubbock in positive ways through your everyday actions.

Looking for a fun date night? We have free chips and queso with an entree at La Sirena! Looking for dessert? Get 10% off at Holly Hop Ice Cream Shop! Looking for activities for your kids this summer? Get 10% off at Miss Megan’s Make Room and her awesome art kits! Ladies, need a new outfit? Get 15% off at River Bleu! These are a few of the deals offered through the Local LBK mobile app. For more exclusive discounts and rewards, download today! 

We have spent the past three years exploring Lubbock, meeting amazing people, and building a community that cares! 

Now, it’s your turn to explore your hometown and experience all that Lubbock has to offer! Become a regular at the diner down the road. Make friends with the barista you see once a week. Share a story with the owner at your favorite boutique. Try the ethnic restaurant that you’ve heard amazing things about!

While shopping (safely) app users will love saving money while knowing every time a reward is redeemed and one of our members is being supported they are making Lubbock a better place!

Join Local LBK and partner with us and Visit Lubbock in showcasing our great city, saving money, and supporting our community!

About Taylor

Hey y’all, my name is Taylor McAlpine! I am the founder and co-owner of a business called Local LBK. We’re big fans of the LBK. You may have heard of us or seen our social media accounts as we’ve shown experiences and stories about local and independent businesses in Lubbock. If you haven’t, we’d love for you to follow us and to hear your story.


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