Ransom Canyon

24 Lee Kitchens Drive
Lubbock, TX 79366


Spanish explorers crossed this canyon, part of the larger Yellow House Canyon, perhaps as early as the 1540s. Jumano, Apache, and Comanche Indians camped here to take advantage of the canyon’s protective walls, fresh water springs, trees, and abundant game.

In the late 1700s New Mexican traders known as Comancheros began to exchange agricultural and craft products of their villages for buffalo hides, horses, and other items of the Plains Indians along a trade route which passed through this canyon. In the 1800s a number of captives were brought here by Comanche Indians and sold to Comancheros. The Comanchero practice of demanding ransom for their release gave rise to the canyon’s name.

By the 1870s mostly buffalo hunters and ranchers occupied the area. In 1884 the Western Land and Livestock Company bought most of the land in the canyon area and operated the famous IOA Ranch. The IOA Ranch venture failed and in 1901 the canyon became the site of the O6 Ranch. From 1915 until 1961 Ransom Canyon was part of a large ranch owned by the Johnston Family.

In 1961 investors purchased the canyon area and in 1965 platted Lake Ransom Canyon Village. The village was incorporated in 1978.


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