New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

2002 Birch Avenue
Lubbock, TX 79404


Originally known as Mount Calvary Baptist, the historically African American New Hope Baptist Church organized in 1926 at 18th street and Avenue B, following a split from Caldonia Baptist Church. Under the tenure of Rev. G.H. Washington, the church moved to East 20th Street and Birch Avenue (formerly called East Avenue B) in 1929. The church’s name may have changed to New Hope Baptist Church at the time of the move, though the new name did not appear in newspapers until 1933.
Over the years, the church has continually seen many building improvements and growth. During Rev. Richard E. Jones’ tenure, the New Zeal Baptist Association was formed and for many years several New Hope preachers served as its moderator. In the 1930s and 1940s, the church figured prominently in community activities such as Juneteenth and Armistice Day. The church hosted the Junior Welfare League Baby Clinic to help provide health services for young children. Under the leadership of Rev. S.M. Meters, the current church sanctuary was built in 1949, which the congregation proudly celebrated. Rev. A.L. Dunn served 29 years (1952-1981), spearheading additional improvements including an educational building in 1957 and a new parsonage. He also served for several years as moderator of the West Texas Association.
New Hope is greatly involved in its community, initiating many outreach programs such as the deacon family ministry plan and means for care. The church also purchased a radio transmitter and has been broadcasting “The Morning Worship Services” and the “New Hope Gospel Time” on Sunday evenings for over 3O years. Today, New Hope Baptist remains an active and vibrant congregation, “a church where people care.”


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