Lubbock High School

2004 19th Street
Lubbock, TX 79401


The city of Lubbock experienced a significant increase in population during the 1920s as it became the agricultural, educational, service, and trade center of the South Plains. This high school was built out of the need for providing an education for the young people of the rapidly growing community.

Designed by the Lubbock architectural firm of Peters, Strange and Bradshaw, the original building consists of two- and three-story classroom wings, offices, a gymnasium, and an auditorium, all constructed around two open courtyards. Over the years, as Lubbock’s population increased, the facilities were expanded several times to meet the need.

The richly ornamented, North Italian Romanesque style high school was completed in 1931, despite the beginnings of economic hardship resulting from the onset of the Great Depression. The building features decorative brickwork, terra cotta ornamentation, and a campanile, or bell tower.

Lubbock High stands as a significant example of institutional architecture in Texas, as well as a local landmark known for its many students who became Lubbock’s outstanding civic and community leaders.

Lubbock High School is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


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