Experience Wild West Texas

Written By Lacie Freelen

December 28, 2022

From bright orange sunsets to tangled tumbleweeds making their way across the South Plains, Lubbock, Texas paints the perfect picture of the wild west. Inhabited by a diverse group of people who have pride for their region, Lubbockites are known for their true grit, well-earned independence and freedom to live how they please.

Dating back to the late 1800’s, the cattle boom gave birth to a new movement. Ranchers made their way west to settle the plains and take advantage of Lubbock’s vast, open landscape mimicking a sea of grass ready to feed the many beeves that were to come. Following the ranchers, came the farmers that cut up the land and cultivated crops, eventually evolving into one of the largest cotton regions in the world. Then came the first settlers. Adventurous men and women journeyed here to the Llano Estacado for an opportunity to homestead one of the final western frontiers. 

Today, we keep this “staked plains spirit” alive in how we live and work in the “Hub City”. From cattle ranchers and cotton farmers, to custom boot makers and cowboy hat shapers, Lubbock, Texas was raised from wild west roots.

ABC Pro Rodeo

 If you happen to visit Lubbock when the ABC Pro Rodeo is in town, wrangle up your crew and enjoy the greatest western sporing event in the country. For nearly 80 years, the ABC Pro Rodeo has not only brought incredible talent to the South Plains, but it has also improved many lives in our community by supporting the Lubbock Boys & Girls club and other local charities. 

The National Ranching Heritage Center 

Take a step back in time to experience the culture of the wild west as you peruse the western art and history exhibits at the National Ranching Heritage Center. While there, explore nearly fifty authentic ranch buildings dating from the late 18th to mid-20th century for a glimpse into Texas’ agricultural roots.

Flint Boot & Hat Shop 

Flint Boot and Hat Shop on 34th street is a one stop shop for any and every cowboy looking for a fresh shaped straw or felt and custom, leather boots. Since 1996, Flint has been serving our community and perfecting the “Flint Hat” style, meaning every hat is made by hand. 

FiberMax Center for Discovery

With a mission to preserve history, tell the story and instill pride in American agriculture and its values, FiberMax Center for Discovery educates and serves the South Plains community through expansive exhibits, agricultural events, and providing organization membership opportunities to better impact our region.

The Blue light Live

The old-time cowboy music of the turn of the century gave way to Bob Wills and the western swing, which lead to Buddy Holly and Rockabilly, later paving the way to the “Lubbock sound” of Waylon Jennings, Mac Davis, The Maines Brothers, The Josh Abbott Band and Flatland Cavalry. Modern day singer/songwriters that come from our region are born at the Blue Light Live! In the heart of the Depot Entertainment District, Monday nights come to life as up and coming musicians of West Texas take center stage and perform under the spotlight that has lit the fuse of many Texas country artists’ careers.

Let us know how you celebrate the wild west roots of Lubbock by tagging #LiveLoveLubbock! in your posts on any social platform. Thanks for visiting wild West Texas. Y’all come on back now!


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