Cats & Dogs: The Exhibition

Apr 21, 2024 - May 27, 2024
Recurring daily

Science Spectrum & OMNI Theater
2579 South Loop 289
Lubbock, TX 79423

(806) 745-2525



Produced by Imagine Exhibitions, Cats & Dogs The Exhibition, is the first large-scale traveling exhibition dedicated to these animals. The exhibition reviews almost everything we know scientifically, sociologically, and culturally about both canines & felines.

Visitors will discover the range of canine and feline body shape types, observe their characteristics and compare their own physical skills with the animals’ skills. Visitors will also learn about the mental and sensory world of cats and dogs, which is very different for human beings in an immersive environment that disturbs our bearings and shows us how our pets have a completely different perception of the world around them. Cats and dogs communicate through olfactory, tactile, vocal, visual and even body signals. This illustrates how these animals are surprisingly talkative for creatures that cannot speak!

Cats & Dogs: The Exhibition will also dispel a whole range of preconceived ideas such as cats & dogs CAN’T get along with one another, small dogs are NOT necessarily the most aggressive dogs, and unfortunately cats do NOT always land on their feet.

In Cats & Dogs: The Exhibition, visitors can also wander down an imaginative city street and read surprising news articles on dogs & cats through shop windows, sit down in front of a letterbox to watch a film on working animals, or take a quiz to test your knowledge in a newspaper vendor’s kiosk. The exhibition ends with the nuisances associated with cats & dogs, for example, with dogs- their messes represent a considerable cleaning budget for a city, and cats – a couple of unneutered cats can create more than 15,000 descendants in only 5 years!

Exhibit sponsored locally by: Helen Jones Foundation

Exhibit created by La Cité des sciences et de I’industrie in partnership with Le Museé de la civilization.

Additionally, the OMNI Theater will be offering a limited run of the film, SuperPower Dogs, narrated by Chris Evans. This film will be available in the OMNI Theater starting February 16th until May 27th. Showtimes and ticket pricing can be found on our website:

This exhibition will be located in the Exhibit Hall at the Science Spectrum, and will be open during regular museum hours.

Also note, this exhibition is for human visitors ONLY!


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