Why I’m Thankful for Lubbock

Written By Katherine White

November 25, 2020

The first time I laid my eyes on Lubbock was a decade ago; I was a graduating senior from the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Just like any 18-year-old, I was searching for my place in life. The typical questions of what to do and where to do it were daunting to me. How can I feel sure of such momentous decisions when the decisions I was more familiar with were my weekend plans with friends.  

On my journey to finding my place, I took a flight to Lubbock with my mom to visit Texas Tech University. I remember seeing my first tumbleweed and marveling at the vast open land. I was in a place unlike any other I’d seen before. Feeling unsure and a little apprehensive, my mom and I made our way to campus. One evening during this visiting weekend, I sat under a pavilion with new friends. We were listening to music as a storm rolled in. I remember looking up at the night sky wondering how it was that a place which formerly held no significance to me now felt like my own.  

Fast-forward to this morning, I packed a white bow in my 10-month-old daughter’s bag on her way to my mom and dad’s new home in Lubbock. A city that once was foreign to me is the same city where I met my husband, found my career, made lifelong friendships and brought my daughter into the world.  

Amid these challenging times, I’m thankful for Lubbock and the people of Lubbock for giving me a sense of place. 


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