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June 21, 2018

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Looking for sanctuary on these hot summer days? With temperatures surpassing 100 degrees, time outside is limited unless there is some way to cool off. We’ve got the inside look on the “COOLest” places in the “Hub City.”


7718 Milwaukee Ave., Suite 300  — 2515 82nd St., Suite 2

5009 50th St.  — 5818 4th St.

Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Bahama Buck’s

The only place where it’s acceptable to eat yellow snow? Bahama Buck’s.

Flavor your life at a Lubbock original! With over 93 unique flavors and 100 stores across the country. Bahama Buck’s has quickly become a local favorite. The owner, Blake Buchanan, started selling snow cones in the hot summer of 1990 while attending Texas Tech University, no wonder they have a flavor called the “Red Raider.” In addition to snow cones, they serve smoothies, fruit cups, coffee and specialty sodas called, “Bahama Sodas.” Stop by any of their four locations in Lubbock because there’s “snow” place like Bahama Buck’s.



5101 82nd St.

Sunday to Thursday from 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Friday to Saturday from 11 a.m. – midnight

Image courtesy of J’s Creamery

Consider yourself a “dessert connoisseur?” You’re in the right place! For 15 years, J’s Creamery has been serving “premium desserts, premium experience and premium reputation!” Formerly known as Sheridan’s, this Lubbock hot, or should we say “cold,” spot underwent a name change as a celebration of all of the years they’ve been a part of the Lubbock community; thus, naming it J’s Creamery with the “J” standing for jubilee made most sense. Not only can you get a serving of classic custard, but they also offer a free “puppy cone” for your furry friend. J’s also offers specialty treats for a limited time, including Nutella-butter Crunch Concrete and the Loaded Red Velvet Cake Concrete. Stop by J’s Creamery and try their all-natural frozen custard, made fresh daily!



4404A 19th St. & 10305 Quaker Ave.

Monday to Saturday from noon – 10:00 p.m.


Frio Pops

All you could ask for on a summer day is a fresh, frozen pop! Frio Pops provides unique ingredients that make their treats stand out! Utilizing local business owners and farmers, this corporation creates jobs in the cities they franchise in. Each month a new flavor is highlighted and this month is Strawberry-Mango…yum! Other unique flavors include: Avocado Lime, Coffee & Donuts and even Fruity Pebbles (pictured)! Each flavor is true to its name, and you get exactly what you ask for every time. All other flavors are online and customers can view detailed nutritional information such as ingredients, where it’s made, when it’s available, and what allergies might be affected. Thus making Frio Pops perfect for everyone! Pop into one of the locations right here in the “Hub City” to enjoy whatever your taste buds desire!



A curb near you! info@curbsidesweet.com

Monday to Sunday in Lubbock, Texas

Kurbside Sweets

Need to sweeten your day? This unique ice cream sandwich food truck is full of sweet treats! Now offering cones, brownie sundaes and donut ice cream sandwiches in addition to their original ice cream sandwiches, they’ve got anything you can desire. Mix and match your dessert with cookie filled flavors ranging from brownie cake ice cream with a chocolate cookie to butterfinger ice cream with a snickerdoodle cookie. This truck is ready to mix and match for you so that you have the perfect treat!  Whether you are just dropping by or booking the truck for an event, Kurbside is one of the most poppin’ places in our city. Make sure you follow Kurbside on social media to keep up with where they’re parked each day.

Facebook: Kurbside Sweets

Instagram: @kurbsidesweets

Twitter: @KurbsideSweets


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